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Jetset everywhere.

My dream is to travel around the world in a Private Jet visiting exotic and popular places. Hopping to any place, any time.  Private jets and helicopters are the most preferred mode of transport today for business as well as personal use. Travel is one of the most time consuming activities that a person engages …

Love with Bloglovin’

As I wake to find my post for the Alphabet ‘H’ unwritten and  the comments on fellow bloggers really needing some supercharged energy I found myself getting buried beneath technology.I got really frustrated trying to figure out how to get all my blogs in one place and how to read them all and not go …

My Inspiration for Women’s Day and Everyday!

Please share and like on the link below. You can send in your entry too!! My link to the post for the Women’s Day Contest.I have written about my inspiration and how one strong woman can inspire and make so many other stronger. Every woman can make a difference and follow her heart.