Alive Forever : 100 words on Saturday.

This photo is the prompt for 100 words on Saturday on Write Tribe and the picture is courtesy Vidya Sury . Not only is she an amazing blogger, an excellent person but an outstanding photographer as well. Thank you +Vidya Sury for this prompt. 
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My 100 WORDS………

She had walked for more than a mile; wanting to reach there in time.  The perfect weather and beautiful blooms all over the meadow eased her step.

She slowly shuffled towards the edge of the clearing and finally spotted the trunk that had fallen a long time ago. She sat down among the scattered petals, inhaling the sweet fragrance and remembering.

As she closed her eyes; memories crowded her mind. Fighting for space and an image rose up just as vivid as the first time.

She took his hand feeling truly alive forever walked away with him.

Her body slumped.

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