Rewards and Results: Thanks a ton!!

Eloquent Articulation

This month of May has been very forthcoming and giving with my writing and blogging. My writing has been liked by my readers and appreciated by fellow bloggers. I have not been too active with blogging; still trying to get over the A to Z challenge euphoria. Holidays for my kid also made me realise the importance of schools all over again 😉 As I sit to write about good things that have been encouraging me to write more and more; I start with my inspiration and my favorite writer. Simmi Harshita has been a silent force that always inspires me and I wrote about her in my post for the Competition on Women’s day.


You can read the post here… I won the first prize from the site for this post and have been gifted a shopping voucher on india times shopping worth Rs 2000/-

I am still thinking about what to buy. Could you help me with any suggestions on how to use it?

I also contribute to It was a very proud moment when my very first story for them became the most liked post of the month. 


Nails & Nests



Today I share all these happy news with my readers.I hope I am able to write even more.


You can read my other posts here

Apart from that my post have been well received on Women’s Web. They are not too many but all have been appreciated and shared by my lovely readers. You can read them here… My posts are under the pen name of “Indywrites”

Thank you my readers and fellow bloggers for keeping me motivated. Your comments and shares are the fuel that keeps me going. Thanks and keep sharing.