Love will be just fine!!

The month of May had a lot to say…………not only did I get a lot of love from my readers but my fellow bloggers also nominated me for two blog awards.

I am so humbled and honored right now with all the love that has been showered on me. I am just a blogger who writes about my thoughts that feel the need to be shared. 

  +Jayanta Tiwari  nominated me The Sunshine Award.
I came to know him during the A to Z Challenge and he blogs at  jayanta thoughts Do hop over for sharing some comment love.

+Ananya  nominated me for The Liebester Award. 
She is a blogger who wears many hats and blogs about heart touching thoughts at

I am extremely flattered by all the attention I have been receiving through my blog. I searched the internet- read Google and went through blogs that wrote about the awards and I realized that they are very similar and bestowed by fellow bloggers on those who they find worthy.

I am still wondering how I got them but I apologize to my friends and feel sorry to say that I will not be accepting them.
No, it is not that I don’t want them but I feel I still have a long way to go and feel that I need to achieve a lot more. 

Thanks for nominating me and inspiring me but on my blog I have decided to not have any awards just the love of my fellow bloggers and readers.

Sunshine Blog Award
thank you for nominating me!

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