Delivering What?

Delivering What?

I was shaken out of my totally zoned out state a couple of weeks back while I was vegetating in front of a cartoon channel only to please my son, and a brand new ad for 5 star popped up. Why?

It showed a lady popping out a baby and my eyes literally popped out! Did they really show a baby being born for a 5-star ad? Another product also sports a similar ad.

This one that assaulted my sensibilities is for MTS, where a baby is born ready to use the Internet.

When kids get too much info on birds and bees……
Who decides that these Ads are appropriate for showing on Kids Channels?
Read the full article on Women’s Web……. Delivering What?

Ads Inappropriate For Kids

As a parent how you reacted when you first saw these Ads?

How have you replied to the questions that follow?






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