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ART IN ASHES #TheDoodlerOfDimashq: A Heart Wrenching Tale of Hope From Syria’s Rubble @kirthijayakumar @IamReadomania

The Doodler of Dimashq: A Heart Wrenching Tale of Hope From Syria's Rubble

#TheDoodlerOfDimashq is the story of Ameenah, a young girl struck in war-torn Syria. She is special only because even in this ravaged, rubble that is her country she looks for beauty, for art and tries to leave a mark for those who are dying in the war. A war that she did not ask for, …

Simha International (The Bansal Legacy, #1) by Sundari Venkatraman #BookReview

Simha International (The Bansal Legacy, #1)

Simha International is a first of the three-part series and has luxury hotels as the backdrop of the novel. A romance series that takes us to the various five-star properties across India. The hero, Rohit is intelligent, self-made, and kind. A well balanced, millennium man who keeps all aspects of work and life quite balanced. …