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The Three Flowers is poetry that is full of brevity and blissful. These tiny poems make for a good read and many make us ponder their deep meaning. Reflecting and reading it took me some time to read all the poems. I usually never reread what I have once read so I took my time to mull over and imbibe each poem in #TheThreeFlowers. She wrote these as a part of the A to Z Challenge, you can find more of her work at NovembersChild

You can know more about this versatile blogger with this interview where she reveals her tricks and talent of writing. The first one Anger itself is such a powerful message. Romila compares it to cancer – true and impactful. D is for Daisy and these sweet daisies they take us to brighter places. There is a good association of the words and their poems.

The analogy for Friendship was superb! Need I say more?

Take a look –

Sharing is friendship
Moon and sun are the best friends
They take turn to glow


Inspiration, Kisses and Love make for perfect messages. I could visualize them in a greeting card. Ocean was another poem I enjoyed while Zebra was a total surprise. The book ended on a fantastic note with Z.

The book is on the posts from the A to Z Challenge but that adds to the poetry. The layers and emotions make for another successful book from the month-long writing challenge. A perfect motivator for writers and bloggers.

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About the Author


Romila is very passionate about reading and writing. For her, technology and gadgets are simply sexy and tempting. She likes to relax with a cup of hot coffee. She is a certified homebody when the moment calls for it but at the same time, she loves to get out and explore from time to time. And when she is not writing for her blog or elsewhere, there is a good chance you will find her tweeting, chatting with friends, listening to ghazals, coloring, watching movies or even sleeping. And not to miss out, she is genuinely a fun person and very friendly.

You can reach her on her blog – https://www.novemberschild.com

Follow her on Twitter at https://twitter.com/romspeaks.



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  5. Shalini

    I think you have listed pretty much the same lens that even I loved in he book a lot. They have layers of meaning in such simple wordings that it totally blows you away when you understand it.

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