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Today, I welcome a talented and creative bright young girl on the blog. Please welcome Vishikha Tripathi, poet, writer and author who is just 13 years old.

I have featured poets and their books on the blog earlier as well, here and here.

Vishikha approached me with her book and I was so impressed with the girl that I had to feature the book on the blog along with the talented author herself.

Over to Vishikha now with the questions and her answers which belie her young age. 🙂

1)      This is your 1st book, what is different about Ink On Paper that sets it apart? What inspired this mix of poetry and prose?

When the thought of writing a book came to me, It was pretty obvious that I was to write a poetry book. I began as an Instagram poet and poetry always interested me. But it was only moments after that I realized that poetry such as my own is often misunderstood.

I wanted my readers to enjoy the entire essence of the poem. I wanted them to know what had inspired the poem. What better way to do so than write a story for each? That is how the entire concept of poetry and prose came to be. What sets Ink On Paper apart is that this all these poems and prose are based on real-life events, with little or no fiction.

Like I mentioned before, I began as an Instagram poet, and my lovely followers often tell me their stories and I write about them. So these are real stories of real people. These characters have walked this earth. So readers are bound to find themselves in this book.  


2)      How do think this book has helped you grow as a writer from an Instagram poet?

Instagram is indeed a wonderful place. It is good to have a platform where we can share whatever we please. My poems first got appreciated by my fellow poetry enthusiast there. Being a writer as well as a published author meant that my work could reach a wider audience.

The quality of my work is constantly increasing but took leaps and bounds when I became a writer. I still continue to post poems on my page and am still an Instagram poet, but my work has reached a new level of quality and I am happy about that.


3)      Clichéd but still; as a 13-year-old who has published her first book, what is your advice to struggling writers who find it difficult to strike a balance between their love for writing and the daily grind putting up obstacles to their success?

Prioritize. Stay up at night if you have to. Don’t sleep for an entire week if that is what it’ll take. It’ll always pay off. Work smart, not hard. Take criticism positively and hate as a grain of salt.


4)      Can you give one line to describe your book, Ink On Paper?

“Ink On Paper is a book in which you’ll explore different words in other’s stories while exploring yourself.”



5)      Diverse genres of poetry and prose, along with the school grind…. how do you bring it all together? 

People are different from one another. Their moods differ. All of them need not necessarily enjoy the same type of theme or poetry. They all need different food for their soul. I have tried to reflect upon that. Different types of poetry, prose, themes for different people.

It was far from easy of course, trying to balance school, studies and the book. It was hard but it was worth it. My parents, especially, were very supportive. If I owe anything to anyone, it’ll be my parents.  


7)      What inspires you to write and do you have a writing routine?

The lives of the people around us, as well as our own lives, are wonderful. We all have our own stories. That is was inspires me to write. I do not have a fixed routine. It all varies with school and many other things. I write whenever I have time or whenever inspiration strikes me.

I am a HUGE skateboarding fan. I own two boards and skate myself. There was a phase when I used to go skateboarding every single day.

Quite obvious I guess, but I am a very fast reader. If I like a book, I’ll finish it in a matter of hours no matter how long.


8)      Give us three “Good to Know” facts about you. Be creative.

I am a HUGE skateboarding fan. I own two boards and skate myself. There was a phase when I used to go skateboarding every single day.

Quite obvious I guess, but I am a very fast reader. If I like a book, I’ll finish it in a matter of hours no matter how long.

My first media interaction was at the age of 2 in a Chinese newspaper witnessing the Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Olympic games held in China. We were at some island on a ship with parents as my father was in the merchant navy. Coincidently some local newspaper reporters came over and took a picture. And that is how I made it to the paper. Media interaction has been quite often since the book is published and even “International Book of Records” has pronounced me as “One in a Million – Super Talented Kid.”




It was such an interesting and fresh conversation with the young author, Vishikha. I wish her many more books and lots of success ahead.

A book with a hint of prose laced with poems, a mix that makes the reader take notice. Even though I don’t follow many poets but I know each writer is a poet at heart.

Pick this book, Ink On Paper and enjoy the sublime sentences.

Book lovers, poetry lovers, readers… I request you all to spare some time and read her beautiful, meaningful book. You can follow her work on Instagram.

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You can grab a copy of the book here:

…………………………………………………………… Ink on paper is the finest from the pen of a 13-year-old girl. The book is a perfect read for any time. It is a blend of emotions set in rhyme. There is something for everyone. Each chapter begins with a short story, setting the entire aura, and then, presents the poem.Question peoples presence with “Where were you then.”Mourn with solder’s poor choice in life with “Regret in wars.”Deal with heartbreaks and realize she moved on with “Happier.”Each poem is a journey through the best and the worst of Vishikha. Won’t you join her for one?“Played by the fools of sham,To find true people, there were none.I did say everyone is wearing a mask,But I never said they were wearing only one.”


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