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The We Are The World Blogfest is the right place to share and encourage recycling. As in the previous post about a Wall of Kindness Recycling Raddi and Composting to a Community fridge this one too aims to help us all.

The Pencil Of The Future Is Not Made From Trees and I want to encourage and recommend a few options that can help you make the change to save trees.

About 15-20 billion pencils are made each year. So if a 60-foot tall tree, 3-4 feet in width were used in making the pencil, it would take about 60,000 of those trees. Recycled pencils are set out to replace their wooden counterparts and are usually made of old newspapers that have been turned into workable mulch.

The Pencil Of The Future Is Not Made From Trees and I want to encourage and recommend a few options that can help you make the change to save trees.

These have a tinge of eco-friendliness along with a desi touch.  They are eco-friendly stationery products in bulk from files and folders to recycled paper pencils.

Plantcils range from HB pencils, colour pencils, extra dark, rainbow pencils which give out rainbow coloured shavings. The pencils can also be customised.

MyraGreens are revolutionizing the way that we make one of the world’s most commonly used writing utensils – and teaching young minds about sustainability in the process.

Inputs from The Better Indian & The News Minute articles.

GoGrameen, Stationery Mela, Plantcil & MyraGreens are few of the companies driving this change.

Go on then, check them out, I am sure you need new pencils 🙂


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  2. susan scott

    Lovely idea Inderpreet! Thanks, I’ll definitely look out for alternative pencils – I guess bamboo could also be used! Thank you for co-hosting this month!

  3. Hilary

    Hi Inderpreet – I hadn’t been aware of these … so I will definitely keep an eye open. More and more items are being made in other ways to protect our trees from being used – thanks for letting us know – cheers Hilary

  4. Peter Nena

    At this juncture, when climate change and environmental degradation seem unstoppable, any efforts to save the environment are more than welcome, more than beneficial. I’m happy about these pencils made from old newspapers. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Belinda Witzenhausen

    These are great! I use mechanical pencils and fountain pens to reduce my footprint but I would definitely try these pencils! Thanks so much for sharing and for being a part of #WATWB!

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