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Our Mother Nature has made all possible methods for us to live a healthy life yet we humans find ways to upset the delicate natural balance. I share the story of a nature lover today who shares about supporting Mother Nature and making small changes in the way we handle dry leaves to make a big impact on the environment. In this edition of We Are the World Blogfest, I share with you the kindness a woman is showing to our planet, sharing about it and making methods to improve the process of compost and teaching others as well.

Not burning of leaves will not only save the atmosphere but all of us from smoke and poisonous gases while giving us excellent manure for our plants and gardens. I have talked about preserving nature here and with shopping bags here earlier as well.

“Left to itself, nature accomplishes everything at its own pace. All we need to do is create an atmosphere that does not harm its processes in any manner,” says Savita Hiremath, who has researched and documented 16 community composting methods, with 2-3 still pending. Community composting is the best way to ‘deal’ with dry leaves. Unlike burning, which leads to health hazards, composting safely decomposes the leaves, and the resulting compost is rich in nutrients, making the plants grown in it better for consumption.

Read here to know more about Savita and her various compost initiatives as well as an easy method for making your own compost.

Make your compost easily and save the planet. Love Mother Nature


Your cohosts for this month are:  Shilpa Garg, Peter NenaAndrea Michaels, Damyanti Biswas and me, Inderpreet Kaur Uppal. 

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    Brilliant solution! Composting really needs to become standard operating procedure for all organic waste. Great choice for WATWB, Inderpreet, and thanks for co-hosting this month 🙂

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