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Recycling of our waste is a massive burden on planet Earth and RaddiConnect is making an effort to help this. Another way to be kind to our planet, Mother Earth and to ourselves.

RaddiConnect is Mumbai’s first recycling based fundraising platform for NGOs. A Waste Management service that provides a free doorstep pick-up service for offices, institutions, households and schools to dispose their raddi/recyclable waste. They further supply this recycled waste to authorized recycling centres, ensuring safety and sustainability. The proceeds from the sale of recyclables are donated to partner NGOs.

Today, our landfills are overextended and our waste management infrastructure is overburdened. To combat this, the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan was kicked off. RaddiConnect desire to not only contribute to this cause but further it. By doing so, they also hope to organize the scattered scrap collection sector of Mumbai, leading to a cleaner and greener city.

RaddiConnect’s vision for India is not just one of clean streets and breathable air, but also of sustainable waste solutions that are on par with the rest of the developed world. 



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  2. Deborah Weber

    There is such great need for recycling efforts, and reading about this initiative is heart-warming. I hope this proves to be wildly successful and an inspiration for many other cities. Thanks for sharing this story, and for co-hosting this month.

  3. John Maberry

    It’s a challenging proposition, apparently, making recycling work. It seems that China has been the commercial recipient of recycled materials from around the world. Recently, they decided that too much of what they were receiving was not properly washed before they received it and have curtailed their market. It’s always a tricky issue of cost/benefit for recycling–transportation cost (distance to processing centers or markets) weight of the items (plastics are bulky, low value and hence difficult to ship cost effectively), value of the materials (a moving or variable target). Wonderful that an organization is working to aid NGOs.

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