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I have shared about the #WallOfKindness and I love the concept of sharing and giving in such a simple fashion. Today I share about it’s origin aand impact for my monthly post of good news. In Darkness, Be Light for the #WATWB We Are The World Blogfest

You can join us too, and spread some good cheer and positivity.

The wall of kindness is a charity work phenomenon and a kind of welfare, usually done by attaching cloth hangers from outside of houses; those encourage people to donate miscellaneous useful things such as winter clothing. It was introduced by an anonymous Iranian,[ and the practice quickly spread throughout the country. The motto of the movement are two sentences which appear on the walls: “leave if you do not need”
and “take [it] if you need.”


Similar walls known as “Neki ki Deewar” have sprung up in multiple cities across India such as Allahabad, Bhilwara, Jhalawar, Mysore, Chandigarh, Bhopal, Dehradun, Korba, Kolkata and in recent times in Srinagar and Hyderabad. Sometimes even having more supply than demand of clothes. The walls are also serving the unexpected purpose of keeping walls clean and free from spitting and ugly orange paan and betel nut stains.

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  2. Shilpa Garg

    Wall of Kindness is such a wonderful and heartwarming initiative. It’s a great way to help and support the needy and so very much needed in the cold weather. We have it in Jaipur as well.

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