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A wonderful initiative started in Gurugram, India is about sharing food for the needy and it works for all of us. Here’s to many more #AnyTimeFood drives.


“The community food project, titled Any Time Food (ATF), is the product of collaboration between Kadam, a social responsibility group of Fresco Apartments and Lioness Club Sampoorna, Suncity, Gurgaon.

The refrigerator is left at the main gate of the society and residents are encouraged to leave food packets for the needy. The food service is available 24×7.

Residents are also encouraged to pack and leave leftover or surplus food items from parties, get-togethers and other events so that they could be used to satiate the hunger pangs of the needy.

“This is a small step towards addressing the global problem of hunger and food waste management. Our community fridge will ensure that surplus food from 500 households of Fresco reaches the underprivileged, in a dignified manner, rather than going waste,” Amit Gupta, a member of Kadam, said.”

Know more here – Any Time Food 

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  2. Beloo Mehra

    This is such a great initiative. I wish other residential societies elsewhere in India also find a way to replicate it for their communities. Thanks for writing about them.


    Its a fantastic concept and am surprised and happy to see it up and running in my city, in my colony. Though I havent put in anything there yet as we do a lot within our own society here for the needy plus the maid gets all the leftovers/surplus food – the initiative is heartening to see. And yes there is always something in it, whenver I pass it by I peek in!

  4. Shailaja Vishwanath

    This is so lovely! I think a similar initiative is done in Kerala, if I am not mistaken. I am always appalled at the wastage of food and at the extremes of poverty seen in our country. I do hope this method of food distribution takes off in a big way and more people can benefit from it.

    Such a beautiful gesture and thank you for showcasing it, Indy!

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