TBR 2020 and Reading Challenges

This year to tackle my TBR in 2020 I have finally taken the plunge for not one but three reading challenges.

As a part of the challenge, not only am I doing the prompts for the challenges but I am going to be reading the books already with me. The paperbacks which make me feel guilty when I pass my bookracks and the ebooks; when I download yet another free book!

Not that I will stop getting more books but I will choose books for the prompts from those I already have for TBR 2020.


First the Challenges:

#ReadingWithMuffy is my first challenge. Shalini has put up an amazing collection of prompts and then we have the cute fella Muffy. What fun!


Brunch Book Challenge 2020 is the second challenge for me. I have tried it every year but except the year that it was launched, I have never completed it. This year it’s at least 60 books and 15 have to be Indie Authors so it’s a win-win. Very easy to do as well. See the rules below!



#TBRChallenge2020 is hosted by Saumya and Shalini and their prompts are fun and very doable. I have already started on the first book for the challenge, “A book from a genre you generally avoid.” This is the final challenge and I hope to cover all the prompts.

Some of the paperbacks I plan to read. Have read most on the top shelf, the bottom one is for this year. Ebooks still need sorting before I can post about them.

The good news is that I have already read 3 books as I type this and 1 is a kid lit, picture book. So I am quite happy with my progress. The reviews will keep coming as they do, hopefully, more regularly.

The three books read are Where’d You Go, Bernadette? Her Prince Charming and Downward Dog with Diego.

Read this for a book with a dog for #ReadingWithMuffy Get your copy here https://amzn.to/2tE2jSi

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Follow my Progress for TBR 2020

I have created a tag on Goodreads called TBR 2020. You can follow me and join me as I read the books this year.

Another way to follow and pick the books I am reading is this list of books on my Amazon Affiliate Shop. If you buy a book from this link I will make a small fee/commission at no extra cost to you. Here is the direct link to the TBR 2020.

PIN It for later

Happy reading and may you get hours of distraction and disturbance-free time to read!


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  1. Rajlakshmi

    So many cool challenges! Love the prompts too. I wish I could spend more time reading, but life gets in the way sometimes.
    Good luck for the challenges. Happy reading.

  2. Shalzmojo

    I decided to skip HT Brunch this year as I am going to be reading under 50 books this year. You seem to be pretty sorted with your challenges and I wish you all the best with that. Thank you for joining in #TBRchallenge2020 with us.

    1. Jayanthy G

      Wow, this is amazing Inderpreet. I really wanted to be a part of Shalz TBR Challenge, but when I planned the books I figured I couldn’t really make it to 24 this year. That looked like a huge list for me. You’ve got a lovely list of challenges this year. All the best.

  3. Shilpa Garg

    Aha! All these interesting challenges will add a lot of variety in terms of genres and authors for you. Happy reading, Inderpreet. Looking forward to your reviews and recommendations. Cheers!

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