Wendel’s Workshop by Chris Riddell

Wendel’s Workshop




This is a perfect book for 5-year-olds and my son just loved it. He made me read it from cover to cover at least a dozen times. He had borrowed it from the school Library and we thoroughly enjoyed the book. The cover itself is a big plus. The creative and beautiful illustrations are really attractive.

The story has all the elements to enthrall little readers. Inventions, robots, a few glitches and a good lesson, in the end, makes Wendel’s Workshop a memorable book. The inventor Wendel is so busy with his work and inventions that he like most small children forgets to tidy as he goes. Just dumping stuff and scraping what he finds useless.

When Wendel invents Wendelbot and thinks the robot is perfect, that’s when the trouble starts. The robot with his cleanliness instinct sets out to cause major trouble for Wendel. The inventor learns his lesson when he finds himself in a tight spot and his old inventions come to his rescue.

The book comes with a few lessons in cleanliness, organizing, and caring for our things. As well as the story which is easy to read and funny, the pictures add to the overall reading experience. The illustrations and the detailed pictures of various robots are a true delight for my son. I too enjoyed the storybook. We are going to read more books by the author.

This book, Wendel’s Workshop is a perfect read for the vacations since each page has so much to read, learn and discuss. Even the crazy Wendelbot is a bit of fun!


Wendel is far too busy inventing things to keep his workshop tidy. So if one of his inventions doesn’t work, Wendel just tosses it onto the scrap heap and starts over. Then one day he invents the magnificent Wendelbot—a mighty robot that cleans and cleans and doesn’t stop. Soon poor Wendel finds himself thrown onto the scrap heap! How will Wendel win back his workshop? Let the robot battle begin!

From the award-winning and always imaginative Chris Riddell comes a wonderfully funny, action-packed story full of surprises and extraordinary inventions.

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