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When Mommy Was a Little Girl is full of sweet, endearing stories. Childhood stories and lessons that relive the years bygone.

The book is a collection of stories that will definitely take you down memory lane. Dipped in nostalgia, it was a fast, cute and funny read.

The stories are based on genuine stories of moms when they were little girls. It reminds us of the simple world through the eyes of a child. The easy, fun life from a time that was uncomplicated, unfettered, and unique. Never will the kids of today witness the carefree times of the world that are unblemished by the jaded worldview of adults.

When Mommy Was a Little Girl reminded me of my childhood and all the silly yet serious things we used to do. The cover with the girl in two plaits reminded me of my childhood, as I wore my hair similarly. The games, toys and activities reminded me of the gadget-free time we spent as kids. How we were never bored or tired and rarely wanted to stop playing.

This book teaches as well as guides the reader with its simple stories of kindness, friendship and love. Each story has a simple tale with a lesson for the reader. The language is easy to read, crisp with a tinge of humour. All the stories of the book follow a childhood through its trial and lessons.

I found the book especially relatable since I have stayed in a few of the places as a kid. The stories recreate the place, the times and the lifestyle of a bygone era transporting the reader into the story.

I shared it with the kids in my family so they could understand the carefree times of our childhood and revel in the fun-filled childhood. A book read and enjoy, to share and discuss.

I recommend When Mommy Was a Little Girl as a holiday or anytime reading for all kids!

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The winter break is the perfect time to cosy up in a blanket with this book and enjoy When Mommy Was a Little Girl.

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👧🏻Book Description: When Mommy Was a Little Girl

Have you imagined your Mommy as a ‘little girl’? Have you ever wondered what your #Mommy was as a little girl? Was she well-behaved or a mischievous #prankster? Did she stay indoors or did she love sneaking out of the house to play with her #friends, or to cycle and climb trees? Did she drape her mother’s saree and apply her make-up? Did she dance in front of the mirror?
Fifteen #Mommies from different parts of India are here to tell you the #stories of what they did when they were ‘little girls’ – of the fun they had, the pranks they played, their love-hate relationship with their siblings, and how they troubled their parents and much more.
Arthy Muthanna Singh, Cheryl Rao, Debjani Mukherjee. Lipika Bhushan Uniyal, Madhumita Mandal, Mamta Nainy, Mitra Phukan, Nandini Nayar, Rati Girish, Ratna Manucha, Richa Jha, Rohini Vij, Shyamala Shanmugasundaram, Varsha Pillai and Vidya Nesarikar have contributed to #WhenMommyWasaLittleGirl
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This post contains amazon affiliate links that support the blog at no extra cost to you.

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