Maxine’s Happy Trails: A Truck Story #KidLit @TruckerTablet

Maxine’s Happy Trails: A Truck Story is the cutest picturebook for kids who love vehicles, especially trucks. It is not just about the truck but also what the truck is doing, where it is going, it’s driver, and it’s trip.

It is a ‘wheels on the bus’ variant with a  trucker slant book according to the author. He is right since the truck makes the wheels and all other trucking elements more fun than a bus.

My son loves trucks so he had good fun with this book. It is a good book to travel with as well. The author also has a coloring book available for Maxine’s Happy Trails which is a good idea to keep kids involved in reading and learning.

Keeping the kids busy doing activities in the coloring book that is similar to the picture book.

The storybook, Maxine’s Happy Trails is a simple read, with small rhymes and beautiful colorful photos to compliment the story. The truck travels along with its driver and shares its adventures. All actions of the truck with rhymes that make it a fun read.

Maxine’s Happy Trails is enjoyable because even though it is based on another popular rhyme but it is a cool book for kids. The truck, its driver, the horn, the tires all have so much to say. A bus may have all of these as well but a truck, Maxine has much more fun on its trails.

Maxine’s Happy Trails is a picture book that will engage young readers and encourage them to read and color.


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The Maxine’s Happy Trails: A Truck Story audiobook has full sound effects and voices. It acts as a companion to help early readers who may not yet be proficient readers be able to follow along with the story.

Maxine’s Happy Trails: A Truck Story Coloring Book:

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