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Letters from an Indian Summer is full of emotions, lyrical, evocative prose that transports the reader to a wonderous world of love. Poetry in writing or a painting of words…I still cannot decide the true essence of this book. One thing is for sure, it is a book for leisure and love. A decadent homage to a love across continents and countries experienced around the globe.

Arjun Bedi and Genevieve Casta are two beautiful, super talented, creative individuals, who unravel the essence and meaning of love in this book. This is not a typical boy meets girl story. The love is there, the sparks are flying but life is happening along the way. The story has depth, intense life experiences, and forgiveness that unfold through Letters from an Indian Summer. yes, there is an exchange of letters 🙂

It also has a bit of a travelogue in it. The author takes us on a journey through various cities and he gives us the VIP tour. Poona not Pune, Varanasi, Dubai, Paris, Goa and many other cities. These make the story come alive and I have already marked a few places that I would be visiting.

The book is a well written with prose meant to savoured and enjoyed over a glass of wine. The book urges one to slow down and enjoy the visuals it evokes. It is also an emotional book. In this world of quick reads and quicker romances this book, Letters from an Indian Summer stands out for its timeless charm as well as the deep emotions of love and sadness it shares.

Difficult decisions, guilt, death all find a place in this love story. Family ties and how they can bind us or set us free – it makes an impact on the lives of Genevieve and Arjun in Letters from an Indian Summer. Siddharth has added layers to the story and elevates it from being ‘just another love story’. This is a mature book, not the fluff we usually find in the name of romance. The only bit I was not too happy with was the long wait for Arjun & Genevieve to realise their love and find it – then the path of love is never simple is it?


“Here I am.

This is how I was meant to be.

This is who I was meant to be.”



I have had this book for a while now but it was not able to get to reading it. Now when I had a little-relaxed schedule I have enjoyed it. Pick it for the beautiful words, perfectly human characters and faithful love that binds them together. Letters from an Indian Summer is a beautiful book for leisure reading.


“Things fall into place in their own way,

like the autumn leaves here in Paris,

each drifting by at its own pace before finding its perfect spot on the earth.”




(I received a copy of the book from FingerPrint Publishing. The review is my own thoughts on the book.)


Letters from an Indian Summer


 Siddharth Dasgupta


A love story between an Indian photographer and a French artist, Letters from an Indian Summer is suffused with a strong sense of serendipity and spiritually liberal doses of the things Arjun Bedi and Genevieve Casta hold dear in this world. The past, though, lurks constantly around every chosen corner. Will the secrets they harbour end up destroying them, or will the unspoken belief in their entwined cosmic paths be much too strong a force . . . ?


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