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A candid chat with an author who has written about us, all of us. We, who put so much importance on our bodies and the body image. To look a certain way, to fit into a set mould. With her book, Just Me, The Sink and The Pot which is getting excellent reviews she has managed to break a lot of myths. 
Please welcome Sudesna (Sue) Ghosh who is a writer based in Kolkata. She was born in the United States and moved to India. She has also penned What Would I Tell Her @ 13 and News Now, along with several short stories.
She has written Just Me, The Sink and The Pot about Pamela, an overweight girl who’s looking back at her school days. From longing for a Valentine to dealing with a sibling who hates her, Pamela has a lot to deal with.  Life sucks when you’re fat. Can Pamela ever be happy?
1. When did you decide to become a writer? Why do you write?
Answer: My first experience with storytelling was in elementary school in the US. The teachers would encourage me to write short stories and then read them out in class. It was then that I knew that I loved to write and have an audience for my writing too. So I guess you could say that I write because I like to make people laugh, cry and feel things. Another reason I write is because it’s the only profession that doesn’t seem like work to me.
2. Give us three Good to Know facts about you. Be creative.
Answer: First one – I studied psychology and have an intense need to get into the mind and behaviour of my characters as you’ll see in my fiction work.
Second one – I love animals and since I can’t adopt one of every species, I collect soft toys of different species. They are all over my house.
Third one – I crave cheesecake at odd hours of the night.
3. What has been your motivation for writing this book, Just Me, The Sink and The Pot and talking about ‘body image’?
Answer: I started Just me, the Sink & the Pot to purge myself of negative experiences. A few chapters into it, I had conversations with other women which lead me to realise that I was not the only one who had suffered from body shaming and body image issues. That’s when I decided that my book needed to be dedicated to every girl out there – every girl who had some time hated her body.
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4. Of all of the aspects of this book – writing, editing, cover design, & promotion of the book, Just Me, The Sink and The Pot which is your favorite and why?
Answer: Writing, of course. That’s the easiest part as I am finding out every day after deciding to self publish this book. There’s a lot to be done post writing and it is great that resources like book clubs and freelance editors are available to make things easier.
5. The cover is worth a thousand words, how much of the cover design for the book, Just Me, The Sink and The Pot did you choose or did someone else design it?
Answer: I have a Facebook page called Amusing Art where I draw animals and other things to make myself and others laugh. While I am not an artist, these drawings have helped friends dealing with low moods, depression and so on. So I decided to do what I do for my Amusing Art and draw straight from my heart. The image on the cover is what came out. A girl who looks miserable and can’t stop thinking about being an overweight blob.
Thank you so much for these forthright answers. I look forward to reading the Just Me, The Sink and The Pot. 
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