My Little Sikh Handbook by Artika Aurora Bakshi

My Little Sikh Handbook is the story of two children learning about Sikhism, the stories, culture and history. In this book, Nanki and Himmat learn about being a Sikh. The perfect book to gift your child, it has stories, activities, colouring and learning all rolled into one. This is one book I wholeheartedly recommend to everyone wanting to learn more about Sikhism. It may be a book for children and it does its work fabulously for adults as well. Anyone who reads it will enjoy it as well as learn from it.

You can read more about the idea, concept and motivation behind this book in the author interview with Artika Aurora Bakshi. This is a picture book with short stories about a family as the kids learn about the basic tenets of Sikhism. It is a perfect book for introducing your child to the values and philosophy of Sikhism.

My Little Sikh Handbook is special for me since my son loved the easy, fun way he is learning about his culture and religion. I learnt a few things as well 🙂

Cover_My Little Sikh Handbook

Right from Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the festivals, celebrations and learning the alphabet of Gurmukhi, this book covers all aspects in a fun and simple way. Great illustrations and images with activities that keep the kids engrossed. My nine-year-old loved the book. Matching, crosswords, join the dots, acrostic poem and word search are just a few of the activities in the book that made learning a breeze. Both parents and kids will love and enjoy this book, reading it again and again.


My Little Sikh Handbook

My Little Sikh Handbook Image with books

Join Himmat and Nanki as they discover that there is no such thing as a boring day. Bonding with their parents, over activity sheets featuring the various aspects of Sikhism, the children discover the importance of being Sikhs.

Stretch your brain with pages of games, puzzles, fun facts and simple activities!

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