KILLER MOVES by Varsha Dixit

killer moves

A girl who is drawn to the supernatural or is it a legacy that follows her? Aisha is a no-nonsense scriptwriter who works hard at denying the netherworld yet it is what helps her outsmart a killer. This is the first thriller cum mystery I have read by Varsha Dixit and I am floored once again. I have previously read and enjoyed her books and this one, Killer Moves is a must-read book.

I loved the Only Wheat Not White and The Wallflowers but this one is very different from those feel good romance novels. While Only Wheat Not White was a family drama with a love story, The Wallflowers was a prequel to the contemporary romance book A Hasty Hookup.

Killer Moves is a thriller with a killer on the prowl, not just a regular murderer but a serial killer. Aisha has a secret that brings her right in the sight of the killer. She is just following her niece, Kiara to her photo shoot in Goa to keep an eye on her. The boss, Kabir has been accused of the murder of his wife and Aisha is worried about her niece. The killer is on the prowl around the models plus Aisha finds it increasingly difficult to ignore the real reasons she wants to be around. Interest in Kabir and secrets from her niece. The killer, his victims, Goa and the gruesome killings ensure that Kabir, the police officer and Aisha can’t trust anyone and even the most trusted ones cheat on them. Who is the killer is quite a twist and the ending more so with a conflict I did not see coming at all.

Varsha has delved into the occult and the super-natural and not just killers in this book. The story is fast-paced, kept me turning the pages and made a fan of Varsha’s writing yet again. She has blended the mystery with the lives of the girls as well as a hint of romance beautifully.

Killer Moves is more of a thriller than a romance. It has elements of a budding romance that adds fine layers to the story. Aisha and Kabir both have their own demons to fight and yet are drawn to each other. They find a balance with each other even though they are as different as can be. The author has given hints of a sequel even though this is a stand alone book and I eagerly look forward to the next book in this series.

Varsha is a natural in this genre as well as romance. She has taken the ‘other-world’ and blended it with this world and made a smashing, scintillating, supernatural read. A book that will keep you awake, turning the pages as you race with Aisha to catch a killer. Pick this one if you want to read something different yet an engrossing read.

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killer moves

Killer Moves

Everyone has a secret. Aisha Khatri has many!
Aisha’s life is seemingly mundane on the surface-she writes for television and takes care of her niece Kiara and her retired father. But when Kiara’s life is threatened during a modeling assignment for the famous Kabir Rana, once a suspect for his wife’s murder, the only way Aisha can save Kiara is by accepting the unique ability she has aggressively resisted all her life. 
But Aisha is not the only one with secrets. There are others who have secrets and will kill to keep them. Aisha is determined to protect Kiara even if it means placing herself in the crosshairs of a depraved killer who butchers beautiful girls and leaves them as grotesque displays. 
Is Kiara a target of a serial killer or is the killer closer to home-and Aisha’s heart? 
Who is Kabir Rana? An elusive and moody fashion photographer burdened with a dark past or a murderer who got away?
How will Aisha save Kiara from a killer who is several steps ahead of an entire city’s police force? When the dead come calling, will Aisha answer?
From the bustling streets of Goa to the beautiful palaces of Sirsa, Killer Moves is a fast-paced, gripping, romantic suspense tale with strong thriller and supernatural elements.

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