Loving Ambition #Lolita by Rubina Ramesh


Lolita is an actress, a diva, a siren, a companion, a woman— all these and much more. We just cannot slot her in any one box since she is an actress who is not just talented but successful, beautiful and sexy. For how long will women have to apologise for being good-looking, talented, ambitious and making a stand in a man’s world. Yes—it is a man’s world since women are judged by their standards and live within the boundaries created by them. But who says women cannot bend the ideals and succeed in spite of them.

This book by Rubina, like Finding The Angel is a love story of Lolita and how she finally strikes the right balance between her desires and ambition. Love draws her to the fact that she wants to be accepted and loved as a normal person and not just a diva or heroine. A chance encounter with Advait—I really like his name—different, smart and short makes the sparks fly and how! That is handsome and a gentleman makes it easier to like him.

I wanted to know about him, about his desires, his actions and what motivates him to do what he did. He helped Lolita patch up her differences, gave her the support she needed, even was a ‘man’ enough to accept that he was not liking Lolita being who she was but understood that he was not different in his affairs.

Lolita Embraces Life


More often than not a man is never questioned, checked, ostracised for any action of his no matter how wile—just as Sandy is in Mumbai but Lolita is the one who went to Panchgani for being naive enough to believe the only guy she knew in Mumbai. Trusted the people around her, little knowing they all are just paid for and loyal to money.

Advait and Lolita’s chemistry is sizzling and I would expect nothing less! A man who stood up to family tradition and made his mark in a world that couldn’t be any more different than the one he left behind would not fall for just anyone. It has to be hot, burn the sheets kind of romance. Lolita, a sensuous, sexy woman would need a man who is strong enough to romance her, pamper her and love her.


Another aspect I loved was the family angle, whether it was Lolita’s parents or Advit’s family. A little more about his parents would have been even better. His daughter, Simone the little girl is charmed by the diva but it was Lolita who was enchanted by the cute, simple child. With her trust, love and faith, Simone won her heart and loyalty. I just loved what she called Lolita, such a sweet, innocent gesture that was heart-warming.

Lolita reminds us why a woman’s path is always difficult—a fine balance.

The story of Lolita is a statement for the achievers, go-getters and ambitious women all over. Rubina has always written stories with strong female protagonists, who thrive in a man’s world. This one is no different. If Destined shone the light on the responsibility of children towards parents, then Lolita talks of a parent accepting a child’s ambition even if it is not what they had imagined. A parent’s support is not just acceptance but also has a multiplier effect on ambition as well.

A straightforward story of love, ambition and acceptance, Lolita makes a fine read. Fast-paced, layered and thought-provoking as our times, our lives and society are reflected in Lolita and the struggles she faces. A strong man by her side, a parent who loves her unconditionally and fans who adore her—Lolita could be any of our current celluloid heartthrobs.
4.5 Stars

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