Angsty Love HOMECOMING ~ A Short Romance by Rubina Ramesh

First love! Who can forget it, few are lucky to find their love yet many just yearn. Homecoming is a second chance romance and almost a medical romance.

Homecoming is the love story of Krish and Sanaya as they fall in love at first sight. It is the story of young love and quick tempers. How we ourselves become our worse enemy in a fit of anger.

She is a rich, spoilt brat. A typical product of a broken home and he is the son of the house help. Their chemistry is undeniable and the youngsters embark on a love affair knowing that the parents would object.

The problems, however, are self-created as the young lovers find themselves on opposite sides of an argument. The rash decisions and anger fuel their separation even as they wish to be together. Ego adds fuel to fire leading to their breakup.

While Sanaya moves to another country Krish forgets the memories of their time spent together. They are one of the lucky ones as they get a second chance at their first love. When she returns and that’s one of the reasons for the title of the book, the other you have to read and find out. The last thing she expects is to find is love. She is a doctor and her parents want her to help Krish remember while she feels helpless considering she never stopped loving him. What happens next and what role does his fiancé play? You have to read it to find out.

Rubina writes with her heart and her books will touch yours. Each book has a deep message of love and a clash of relations.

Homecoming works as a fast, short read with a rollercoaster of emotions. Young love and angst balanced with reason and wisdom.

This is a quick read that is perfect for an instant dose of romance.

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Homecoming: A Second Chance Romance

Is Sanaya. Rich and spoilt. A loner. Living in a self-created paradise where she thinks her world is perfect. Where family betrayals are swept under the carpet. In her imperfect life, she still searches for happiness. Then, at the age of seventeen, when she meets the love of her life, she feels that everything would be fine. But Fate has another plan for her. Walking away from your true love is not easy. But what makes it worse is the knowledge that he does not remember her…

Is Krish. A self-made man who knows only one path – that of success. Extremely loyal to those he loves, he is torn between the love for his mother and the love of his life. But then fate plays a role and he is given a clean slate to start all over again. What will he choose… success or love?

The Story…
When two souls are given a second chance they must walk on the path of denial and pain. Of memories that haunt them and heartbreaks that shape their life.

Meet Sanaya and Krish in Homecoming. Who says love is without complications? Especially when the one you love so deeply suddenly becomes a part of your family in a way you had not even dreamt of.

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  1. Rubina

    Dear Indy,
    Dil paani paani ho gaya. I have not written for so long and this is exactly what I needed. Thanks for your lovely and kind words.

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