Love Transcends #Jugnu Firefly @RuchiWriter


After a long time, I have read a book that made me fall in love with love. Yes, #Jugnu is a book that touches on a few sensitive issues but it lays open the raw need of a human being – the need to be loved, to be accepted. Whether it was Zayd or Ashima both were yearning for that elusive feeling of being cherished.

I am kicking myself that I took so long to read it!! Don’t make the same mistake, read it now! You cannot put it down!

I am a fan of Ruchi’s writing since I had read Take 2 and of course, her blog as well but she has really written a beautiful and heartwarming book in Jugnu. It made me happy, sad, angry and peaceful – so many emotions and the fact that Zayd with all his faults was so endearing. Ashima with her hard work, a spine of steel and that no-nonsense tone reminded me of the beautiful, strong ladies of yore.

I recommend this book to all lovers of romance. It is a well-balanced book, sweet, cute, introspective, and hot where it was supposed to be. Things I loved in #Jugnu…..

  • The backdrop of beautiful, peaceful Kasauli. It is on my travel list now. I want to go for a picnic now and the hills are the best place for it.
  • The sombre but very real fact of prisoners of war and LOC made it more realistic.
  • The fact that her husband could be alive and the conflict within me as a reader and within the characters whether he is alive or not…
  • The pressure and harsh reality a widow faces even when she is loved in her home. To marry again or to live a life of homage and sacrifice.
  • The relatives – both mothers of Ashima and her husband added the much-needed dose of reality to the story. The young impressionable sister in law was so real, I know people like her – maybe there is a story for her as well. Right, Ruchi?
  • The very touching and central theme of Jugnu – who or what was beautifully explored in the book.
  • The love story of Ashima and Zyad was bittersweet, not your typical love story and this little difference made a big impact on the story.

All this and more make it a must-read. A book I read that made me teary-eyed with a silly smile while I read on. Those simple conversations, the words, the depth of emotion and the mastery with words  – Ruchi, when is your next book out?

Not to be missed – #Jugnu


Jugnu: (Firefly)


Ruchi Singh

Zayd Abbas Rizvi, out on parole, wants to escape the suspicious eyes of the world and concentrate on rebuilding his future. He zeroes in on Kasauli, a small, quaint hill town.

Contrary to his expectations though, he is unable to find peace in the skirmish around the guest house, the antics of a three-year-old, and the deep, sad eyes of his mother. As he battles the demons of his past, falling in love is not in Zayd’s plan…

Ashima’s life is a long, tiresome struggle, until a tall, tattoo flaunting stranger registers in her guest house. Hoping against hope for a ray of sunshine in her life, unbridled attraction to a stranger is not what Ashima bargains for…

Will Zayd and Ashima be able to forego their past and embrace their present, even when they know that if things went wrong, all they’ll be left with is a broken heart and painful memories?