Peaceful Love #TantalizingTemptations (Inn Love 1 – England) @Author_Devika Fernando

Tantalizing Temptations

Samantha is trying to salvage what little of her life and pride she has and rebuilding it for herself and her little girl, Annie. #TantalizingTemptations are from the first page as Jonathan crosses their path and keeps coming back, drawn to them or they to him.  The pull of love is visible from the very first rainy meeting that intrigues the reader to rush ahead to find out how Samantha and Jonathan will meet again.

Samantha is just out of a relationship, filed for divorce and struggling to find herself. She has sworn off men but is so tempted by Jonathan and so is he. Living close by and being qualified for a job that she needs assistance with sure helps. There is hesitation, she is unsure but the yearning of love and care makes her succumb to his love. I found the story such a bittersweet tale of love, understanding, and acceptance.

She starts work on the Inn and on her independence as well as setting up for guests and a grand opening. Jonathan helps her all the way but her self-righteous husband does add a spanner in the works. Arriving unannounced, bullying and then her parents do little to stand by their daughter. No wonder Samantha is skeptical of the ones actually rooting for her.

Devika is no stranger to writing about ‘difficult love’ as I put it, where there is pain, failure and hurt involved. Each time she spins a story with more understanding, deep introspection and stronger characters. Their failures do not make them weak but give them strength to be better human beings. I just love that about her books, especially in When I See Your Face and Saved In Sri Lanka.  Our setbacks should not hold us back. Inner strength to be a better person always drives us forward as do Devika’s characters. Definitely, the Fire Trilogy was also a step in this direction with three mail leads that were equally complex and conflicted 🙂

#TantalizingTemptations reminds us that everyone can get a second chance at life and love. It is a strong story and steady narration with a bomb of a twist in the climax! Devika added enough suspense to the story to make it a page-turner.  I found the cute and naught Annie so adorable, it was a delight to read about her. She is also the thread that binds the lovers and the book.

Pick this one with an assurance that you will fall in love and want that happily ever after.




Tantalizing Temptations (Inn Love 1 – England)


 Devika Fernando



Unhappy in a marriage based on lies and control, Samantha decides to start a new life. She leaves London with her little daughter Annie and opens her own bed breakfast in the English countryside. Nothing could have prepared her for the suave gentleman who helps her with the B and captures her heart along the way.

Managing hotels all around the world makes Jonathan happy – until fate brings him to a cottage that needs attention and a woman who needs affection. Samantha and Annie make him realize that something has been missing from his life all along.

Will their love stand a chance when her tragic past comes knocking?


This series features international romance novels that each revolve around a bed breakfast in a different country. The books are sweet and sensual contemporary romance, set in countries like England, Canada, and Italy. They can be read as stand-alones with a happy ending.

Book 1: Tantalizing Temptations (Inn Love 1 – England)
Book 2: Hidden Hopes (Inn Love 2 – Canada) [releases in February 2018]
Book 3: Sweet Surprises (Inn Love 3 – Italy) [releases in May 2018]







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