Caught Red-handed #BarAThon Challenge @blogarhythm1


Plate of Indian Chaat


Tina picked her plate of the chaat and moved to the table. She found an empty one close to the counter so it would be easy for her to ask for a refill. Today was a day meant for gorging on scrumptious treats. Cool, breezy and fresh like a new day.

She took a spoonful of her chaat and slowly enjoyed every morsel. Quietly she tucked in her favourite snack while thinking of the dessert she would choose next.

Suddenly she saw her friend, Rita walk in and order Golgappas.

Oh! Rita is here, eating junk! She is always after me to eat healthy but what would she say today, thought Tina.

Quickly, she got up and was about to call her out when she realised her friend had come in her sports gear and was sweaty after her walk.

Slowly Tina sat back and turned away from her. She didn’t want to be called out and asked why she had missed her walk yet again.

So much for being caught red-handed.

This post is for the Day 4 of the Bar-A-Thon Challenge

The prompt for today is “caught red-handed ”.

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Blog-A-Rhythm is proud to present BAR-A-THON, the week-long blogging marathon for bloggers everywhere! Yes, that’s right. A whole week of blogging, keeping in mind the fact that the more we write, the better we get.


  1. Shilpa Garg

    Aha! Story of my life too. The excuses I give myself for missing out on exercise. Sigh!
    BTW, I so want to have that chat in the pic… NOW!!

    1. Post

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