Alive or Survive #BarWoWe

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Fiction for #BarWoWe

This time for the #BarWoWe I have written about a man who refused to join the army even though it is a tradition in his family. 


Fast asleep, that is what I wanted to be but the energy and agony of what might happen tomorrow would not let me. Thousands of ideas, thoughts, and fears crowded my mind. Sleep was the last thing on the list.

Fifteen minutes of Fame, that was what my folks thought of my passion, my efforts, and sacrifices that had brought me to this place today. My bruised ego and scattered medals and trophies on the floor meant little to them. To serve and salute is what they wanted. I felt so conflicted and selfish – follow my parents or follow my heart.

It was an easy decision to make as there was no Fly in the Ointment. They had always told me to follow my heart and that I would gladly do it.

Till the Four corners of the earth, even if it meant that I am a heartless man, a coward who would rather be alive than survive. An ordinary man who refused to be drafted – a family tradition.



  Wordy Wednesday for February Week: Phrase Prompts

Fast asleep

Fifteen minutes of Fame

Fly in the ointment

Four corners of the earth




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