Anything Is Possible, If Only You Believe!

The round up posts that have been doing rounds on the blogging circuit has lured me in too! And I just loved the twist that my friend added to it!  You must be sick to your eyes with all the high funda, low input advice about how to survive the day 1 of the New Year so I offer none but share what I take from the past.

The New Year is not the one we should focus on but on each new day! What better way than to put the practice of last year to use?

Remember to use what you learnt last year and to keep practicing. In this endeavour I have joined the Write Tribe Pro-blogger. It is an initiative that nurtures creativity and encourages bloggers. So if you think you want to prioritize your blog, nurture it, and groom it then this may just be the thing for you!

“Write Tribe Pro Blogger 2015”

The Write Tribe Pro Blogger Challenge is exciting and a great way to commit to improving your writing in 2015.
What do you need to do to be in? What’s in it for you?
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So what are you waiting for – sign up today!

The last year 2014 left  swiftly yet it fulfilled so many promises and delivered so many surprises! Few simple truths, trusting my instincts and just to keep moving; time like life is fleeting and yet we take it for granted.
New Year rolled in quietly or was it with a bang?  The twist I mentioned is that the post is with a friend of mine! 😉

Find out all the highs and lows on my multilingual, extremely talented & beautiful author Devika Fernando’s blog. She is the author of  beautiful, books filled with love, mystery, and romance. She requested me to write about what 2014 taught me and how it had geared me for the journey ahead.

Read my post at  :

To say that I was pleased is to be mild about it; my words on the blog of an international author. I am ecstatic!! What a start to the New Year! I look ahead to 2015 with eager anticipation, wise hindsight and surprising faith that the best lies ahead!!

I wish you a very Glorious, Gratifying, Healthy & Happy New Year!

Do tell me what you learnt from the past year that will help you with the new one?

Images from Pixabay, Devika Fernando & Write Tribe.

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