Spotlight Shines on MISSING PIECES by Earlene Walker

Title: Missing Pieces

Genre: General Fiction

Publisher: Missing Pieces Publishing

Pages: 72

Publication Date: May 30, 2015

Connie Johnson’s life was going well until her mother, Dolores, leaves home to find her father. Dolores places her son, Samuel, in charge but as time passes worry starts to set in. A house fire breaks out causing Connie and her siblings to flee their home. After the tragedy Connie slowly tries to keep it together.

Before her life can go back to normal, Connie’s mother becomes ill and has to go into the hospital. Connie’s father appears just to move them to a new location. Trying her best to adjust, Connie’s days and nights are mixed with hurt and pain. She wonders who she can turn to for help or if help is ever coming to her rescue.
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Chapter Two
olores was arrested and taken to jail for leaving her children in the house. After two weeks in jail, the police department felt sorry for her because she was severely stricken with grief and they let her go, returning her four other children to her. Donations, toys, and help came from the community as a show of support. For many days, Connie could hear her mother’s cries throughout the night. One day, Connie sat on the floor by her mother’s bedroom door until she stopped crying over her children who were killed in the fire. Connie kept a watchful eye on her mother from then on. Samuel would cling to his mother every day, as if he was terrified of losing her, and Vincent crawled into himself. Joyce was cherished, loved, and protected by everyone; she was beautiful and so timid, she wouldn’t kick a leaf. Every now and then, Connie could see the hurt in her mother’s eyes, and she could still hear the cries from the fire. For many nights, Connie was unable to sleep.  
Dolores was filled with grief, she was hurt and scared that people would say that she was a bad mother, and she thought about moving. Her family had disowned her a long time ago. When she was twelve years old, her mother passed away, and her aunt’s husband, who had one child with his wife, took Dolores’ mother’s house. He molested, beat, and had four children with Dolores. At the age of thirteen, Dolores had her first child. Dolores had no support from her family members; instead, they rammed her name on the streets of McKeesport, PA, saying she was a whore for sleeping with a married man. 
Dolores packed up the four children she had by Earl Southall, and she vowed to herself that she would never ever return or have her children grow up under the scrutiny and pain she had endured as a child. It was that pain and suffering that caused her to lose the only man who ever loved her. She left McKeesport and moved to Cleveland, OH. It was there that Dolores could finally find a little peace.

Earlene Walker is a freelance writer and publisher who writes to bring awareness to the treatment of children. She is a wife, mother and works in the capacity that allows her to take care of others. Earlene resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. Missing Pieces is her first novel and she is currently working on her next book.
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