Mr Imperfect Series Book Review

A book with three very contemporary stories with tales of love and family ties. A light read that perfectly reflects the life and times of NRI’s today. 

House of Love
Nikki Desai scares the day lights out of Karan Malohtra and pepper sprays him when they meet for the first time and in spite of that they are instantly attracted to each other. The go-getter Nikki is sophisticated, successful and Karan still has a lot to achieve in life. Objections and obstacles when there should have been none make this an interesting read. How love eventually manages to sort everything is the crux of these stories.
Arranged Marriage
Ishan Suri and Sonali Thakur are not interested in marriage yet fate lands them together and when they meet, it is like destiny brought them together. This story is like a typical arranged marriage in India and the sea change afterwards. More so since he is an NRI and Sonali leaves everything and moves. She is unsure and thinks she made a wrong choice, little did she know he is the best guy for her. The simple innocence of Sonali was endearing and the patience and understanding by Ishan melted my heart. We need more guys like him.

Love Tango
Tahir Ali and Maya are the most difficult to get together. Maya is so afraid of falling for the wrong guy that she tries to break up with the right guy! She does make Tahir dance a merry tango trying to find her! Insecurities, doubts and plain old confusion can get love derailed easily.

These three stories too had their fair share of trouble but love never gave up. Aditi writes and shares the thoughts of the characters and how they strive to find true love. This genre of NRI Romance is new for me but I enjoyed reading it.

I liked that though the three stories are independent and can be read separately but they are connected as they are friends and come together as an extended family.

Mr Imperfect Series are light stories that can be read independently and enjoyed on their own as well as a novel together too. The Mr Imperfect Series has quite perfect heroes and ideal heroines. This book is ideal to be read while unwinding from our busy schedules.

(I received a copy of this book from the Author/ The Book Club in return of  my honest review.)

Mr. Imperfect Series 
Aditi Chopra

The Blurb

Three intriguing women, Three Imperfect men, Three fascinating stories!

House of Love
Real estate agent Nikki Desai has a rule of not dating her clients. When she hosts an open house on a cold Dallas afternoon, she didn’t know what was in store for her. Much like Dallas’ unexpected weather, Karan Malhotra, a business consultant, walks into her life and challenges every belief she holds close to her heart. Karan manages to cajole Nikki, but is she making a mistake in breaking her rule by dating Karan?

Arranged Marriage
Arranged marriage – where love happens after marriage or does it? Ishan, a NRI from Dallas, Texas visits his home country, India and gets entangled in his parents’ plan to get him married. Sonali is a simple girl from a small town called Meerut and has no desire to leave India. However, she reluctantly agrees to marry Ishan. But when she settles with him in a foreign country, she is completely lost and homesick. Will Sonali find love in a conventionally arranged marriage?

Love Tango
Maya Sarin is sensuous and enterprising. She runs a dance school in the suburb of Dallas. Tahir Ali is an aspiring author who owns a Mediterranean restaurant in the area. When his regular dancer bails out on him, he rushes in Maya as a replacement. Maya is the inspiration that he had been longing for; she feeds his creative soul. Do they have any future together? Explore their passion and intrigue in Love Tango.
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Meet the Author

Aditi Chopra was born in India and now lives in Texas with her family. She writes NRI (Non Resident Indian) fiction and non-fiction books.

Aditi has an engineering background but she has found her creative bone in fiction writing. Her stories range from Contemporary Romance to Women’s Fiction. You might see a glimpse of Bollywood in her stories and will definitely enjoy the emotional ride.

Aditi focuses on leadership skills in her non-fiction books. Her readers get practical take-aways that they can utilize in their career.

Aditi is also a member of Women’s Fiction Writers Association.

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