A Visage You Yearn For!

Will you shave, will you shave?
I yearn to see your handsome face; 
the mirror of your mind and the soul of your thoughts.
Your chiseled face, so suave and smooth;
the jaw, the bones, the lines and those soft, sensitive lips!

To touch those velvety planes and feel those silky angles; 
just to run my fingers and follow with my lips!!
Have you seen a handsome hunk; a James Bond with a beard?
Have you seen him serving his majesty with a thorny bush by his side?
Such a slick dude is dear James; girls swooning and slipping on his every move!
Will you shave, will you shave?
My dear old lad, it is time to hit the party circuit and shimmy on the floor!
How will your moves be smooth?
How will the dames swoon if your cheeks are rough and prickly?
Roughing them up and scratching their satiny bodies; 
Oh My! Oh My!
Will you shave, will you shave?
Many a hero waltz around, smooth operators, they are such hunks!
You might be the hero of my heart but my dreams belong to the hero!
He who is clean and smooth, the man who fires up the silver screen!
He is smooth and oh! So slippery; 
dating, dancing and romancing; 
each and every move so slick; 
makes me sweat even in my dreams!!
Did you see the hero clearly or was your bush obstructing the sight?
Did you ever see a hero who did not face up to his words?
His actions, words and deeds; 
all made to please his leading ladies.
A hero is so irresistible and smooth; 
giving a girl all that she needs.
Will you shave, will you shave?
Flying planes and making deals;
building worlds and making jobs.
His business is so smooth as are his deals and wheels!
Making money is just a breeze; 
would he do it with spikes and thorns?
They may adorn some of you but his is all smooth and polished.
He is slick and knows his worth;
a few minutes he will never forsake for his face is the image of your trust!
Will you shave, will you shave?
Ask anyone why it is true but a clean face is a virtue true!
A smile that shows through his soul;
A visage that reflects your faith in the shiny planes of his face.
Smooth and silky, soft and shiny – a man’s face is the reflection of his soul!!
Will you shave? Please, will you shave??

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 Images from Pixabay.

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