A New Beginning

The New Year has been showing vibrant hues and glorious opportunities for me and my blog. I share my most cherished idea for making changes and growth and to ‘make things happen’ with my blogging. I may not be very great at it but I do try to put a little piece of my heart in every post.


Blogging had a major role to play in my life this past year and I look ahead with goals and ideas to spruce up my blog and add more to what I do. As the year ends and a new one blooms I see the future as another beginning………each year we vow to do things differently, to change ourselves and to improve our lives. 
A new beginning…… “Snap Your Week”
As a new beginning that I have planned is a photo feature as a weekly challenge for myself. You are most welcome to join me as I go through the year posting what I see through the week. What catches my attention & what tickles my thoughts.The funny,happy, sad, glad, silly, mad, good & bad; including everything in between!
This is something that I had been planning for some time now and the New Year seems like the perfect place to start. With the blogosphere overflowing with challenges both visual and written and most of them daily, it was tough to decide if I wanted to do any of them.
But most of the challenges also urge us to blog daily and honestly, I find that a daunting task! Maybe when I am retired then I will give it a try 🙂
Now why #SnapYourWeek ? 
I find the ease of a photo challenge cool as most of us love to take pictures, making treasures of the memories, good and bad. What better than to share them on my blog as a souvenir for my family and friends.
What does it involve?
1. Take a picture that you feel was the most memorable or influential moment of your week and post it on your blog.
2. Describe the picture in 20 words or less if you wish. No more than 20 words but none if you don’t want to!
3. Do it every week for 52 weeks every Friday.
A perfect way to cherish your days as they turn into weeks leading to months of this wonderful year ahead!! So what are you waiting for? 
Go ahead and take some pictures, Friday is already here in some places!!
Stay tuned for my post for the first #SnapYourWeek and join me with your post.
The “#SnapYourWeek 1” post will feature my picture in the series post and it will remain open for one week till the next Friday.
Will you join me with your picture? Give it a try…


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