5 Ways to Tackle Writer’s / Blogger’s Block


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I have been blogging for the past five years and I too have come across the dreaded writer’s block a few times. Even though I am not an extremely regimented writer and I don’t feel the pressure to write daily but sometimes you want to write but it just doesn’t happen. I may not write for a few weeks and then one day it is a flood. It works when it does, other times I call upon these tricks from the box.  


My tips for getting out of the so-called writer’s block or blogger’s block are:-  


1.     Make It Unimportant – It is just a word …. it actually doesn’t exist, like the scores of other you read and write and speak daily. Quit thinking about it and making a big deal about it. We are creative people and sometimes we need a time out. Utilize it to do something different for fun.  

2.   Commune With Nature – The block is nature’s way of telling us that we are overdoing it. Stressing too much on the tiny details or trying to over-analyse our writing. So go back to Mother Nature; take a walk, jog or just sit in a garden and feel the world’s best creation.

3.   Try A Free Write – I have found it very effective. You start out by just writing even if it is a list of things to do and keep writing for 15 or so minutes. Don’t stop, don’t correct just go with the flow. You might think it is worthless but great ideas come when we are not trying too hard. The list might become something better or might just make you feel accomplished to have penned something.  

4.   Do Mindless Entertainment – It sounds weird but try catching that silly movie or colour a book with crayons even try and watch the TV for a few hours. It will put you in an upbeat mood and make you want to do something creative.  Plus you can then write about how you felt doing all those things and how it makes you feel now. See a blog post here 😉  


Me and my friends doing dress up and party.
Can you spot me? I am at the extreme left in red.

5.    Go And Discuss Life – Another favourite thing for me to do is talk. Not just mindless chatter but good healthy discussion about life and issues matter to me. You end up with having vented your opinions and have some fodder for writing.  

6.   Ask A Loved One – This one is extra but my favourite one – I just ask my hubby about what I should write about and he gives a crazy, irrelevant or stupid answer (He doesn’t take my writing seriously) and I write about it. It works every time.      


Hope these help you to keep writing.

Do share your view about my tips and what you do to get rid of the dreaded, phantom – #writersblock


Post updated on 14/08/2019


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