BLACK is the colour of midnight, the signifier of darkness, twisting our minds and muddling our perceptions. Yet, black is most desirable, the colour women covet, the uber sexy black sari shimmering on a beautiful body, the smoky black onyx ring, the black high heels and her endless black tresses swaying as she moves.

Not to desire black would just not be possible, just as after a beautiful bright day I wait for the blissful dark night; I also wait for the black to come and relieve us from our shackles and set us free. The black night gives us liberty to free our thoughts sending them floating across the globe.
Black is flawless, it cannot be dirtied or marked. It absorbs everything and makes us feel complete. When I wear or use black, I feel so accomplished and sassy.

The 5 black things that I desire are

1.   A black solitaire ring. It is a promise of endless, perfect love. The ring on my finger would declare that the love of my life is someone special and it would make me feel cherished.

2.   The pair of black high heels – the kind a super model wears. They will make me feel so different, sexy and classy. They will remind me that I can do so much more than what I think is possible but only if I believe.

3.   A black dog – a big hulk of a dog, black as midnight, beautiful and perfect as black.
He would black, dangerous to look at, protecting me at all times. Making me feel secure and loved unconditionally as dogs do.

4.   An Assortment of Black Mugs. They will add to my collection. I am an avid collector of mugs of all colours, shapes and sizes. Even though my display cases are full I always make space for a new one. These black mugs would be perfect to add to my collection.

5.   A Sleek Sinful Black iPad – An ipad is iconic and as a book lover, reader, writer and editor nothing can be more desirable for me than owning it. It is the true interpretation of ‘Black is Beautiful’.

The Heels and the Solitaire Ring would complete my wardrobe and give me the perfect party outfit. The dog and mugs are for my soul, they let me express myself as I see fit. Being a woman they have to be on my list but being a writer an iPad would be the most coveted and desired gadget helping me in my work and my passion – reading.

Writing and blogging is what my mind and heart desire; an effort of sharing my thoughts, simplifying and sharing the world as I see it. An iPad would the perfect partner in this endeavor of mine.

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