Thrilling, Mind Boggling & Addictive DYING FOR A LIVING by KORY M. SHRUM


On the morning before her 67th death, it is business as usual for Jesse Sullivan: meet with the mortician, counsel soon-to-be-dead clients, and have coffee while reading the latest regeneration theory. Jesse dies for a living, literally. As a Necronite, she is one of the population’s rare 2% who can serve as a death replacement agent, dying so others don’t have to. Although each death is different, the result is the same: a life is saved, and Jesse resurrects days later with sore muscles, new scars, and another hole in her memory. But when Jesse is murdered and becomes the sole suspect in a federal investigation, more than her freedom and sanity are at stake. She must catch the killer herself—or die trying.


I chanced upon this book during one of my many trips exploring authors that fellow bloggers, friends and writers endorse on their face book pages. I love the variety and knowledge it offers.  One fine day I got  the book as I had been following the author and took my own sweet time getting to read it.

I read the title and was intrigued – ‘Dying for a Living’ meant either the hero is a soldier or a secret agent. Much to my surprise it was none of those things and the hero was a heroine, a female lead as the main character always gets my vote of approval as I think women can easily do anything a guy can. The main character is Jesse; could be a guy! What spunk and sass.

The story is unusual – it’s about a Necronite; the living dead and since I enjoy the sci-fi and paranormal, this was right up my alley. The premise of the book is the investigation of the unsuccessful attempt of her own death.

The book has a few intriguing sub-plots that move along on an even pace, I felt that these plots make the book move along faster. The book has a few surprises along the way and they kept me going back to the book even though I had a very hectic schedule while reading this book. ‘Dying for A Living’ has a very wide scope and touches on many controversial issues in the future but all of it makes a driven book. It is fast-paced, thrilling and edgy.

I only found that the book has a second part coming up in September and I look forward to reading and reviewing it too. This was also a negative for me as I hate waiting for the rest of the story; but it is a few months away so I will wait.

I had no idea of the author or the popularity of the book but I really enjoyed reading the book and Kory now has a new fan.

So if you are into the paranormal and sci-fi then this is right up your alley, it will keep you wanting more.


Kory M. Shrum lives in Michigan with her partner and a ferocious guard pug. She has dabbled in everything from fortune telling to martial arts and believes a person should live life with an open heart and mind–which is how she ended up spending the night in the trunk of a car, and still to this day, has a BB lodged in her arm. She is an avid reader and a strong supporter of the environment and the arts. When not writing, she can be found teaching and traveling. Her poetry has appeared in North American Review, Bateau and elsewhere. Her urban fantasy novel Dying for a Living is now available on Amazon, as well as her short stories, Dive and Blind. The sequel, Dying by the Hour, will be released September 2, 2014. She’d love to hear from you on Facebook, Twitter, or her blog:

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