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Compassion for us and others is what we all talk about; here is my voice for the 1000 voices of compassion! For me the concept of being compassionate and kind starts at home. Yes, I know home is all about parents and kids and family and loved ones, so surely we can expect compassion for ourselves. Sadly in our everyday hurried life we tend to brush past this most needed humble emotion.

I feel that in order to make the world a compassionate place we need to start with our homes. How specifically can we add and nurture compassion in our homes and families? If being kind and emphatic is the building block of our home and the upbringing of our children then we shall have compassionate adults everywhere. Just imagine; within a generation the outlook and attitude of a nation, our world will change. 

Compassion, kindness, empathy, helpful, generous, are all different facets of a happy, healthy and generous life.
Kids play a crucial role in life – don’t they?
We yearn for them.
We earn for them.
We pray for them.
We sway for them.
We teach them.
We preach them.
We groom them.
We guide them.
Yet do we remind them?
What is truly the bedrock of a good life?
What is actually important in life?

For the initiative of #1000voices for compassion and kindness my thoughts are that just flooding the internet with posts and thoughts of compassion is not enough. We should take it a step further by teaching kindness to our children and emulating kindness in our lives every day.

If we start with our children when they are babies then within a generation or two we would have spread kindness the world over. Those who do not have kindness yet in their lives will learn from others and by being treated with kindness themselves. 

As mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and loved ones of a family we must inculcate this sweet emotion in all those around us.
By teaching our children to be compassionate.
By making compassion a way of life.
By being compassionate with our parents, friends and family.
My mother always reminds me that “courtesy costs nothing”. I agree it sure does not cost much; just a bit of patience and kindness. Yet do we remember to indoctrinate this in our lives and those of our children?

In our daily life how often do we remember to “do unto others as you want them to do unto you”?

Life is just but a circle and “what goes around comes around” so come let us join hands and spread some love, kindness and compassion.

Start small, start right now; say something sweet and kind to your loved one!

Go and praise the first person you meet after reading this post.

So, can you mention the first act of kindness you did today?

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This post is for the link-up for 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion; on February 20th, 2015, over 1000 of us will raise our voices and our writing, and flood the internet (and our real worlds) with GOOD and COMPASSION. 

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