Rhyming with Love

Each night I looked forward to my sleep time, not because the day was ending or it was dark outside but because this is the time of quiet.

A time for reflection and relaxation; when I settle down and unwind as I wait. The day comes to an end and I find myself having the undivided attention of my mother, no interruptions, no relatives and no noise. We did not have the smart phones, tabs and 24 hrs of TV, no dishwashers, washing machines or microwaves so she was busy doing things.

She brought the world within my room with her sweet, melodious words. Telling me about the world and sharing life’s lessons.

It is just me and my mom and my favorite stories and rhymes. We always sing my favorite rhyme; Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars as we look out the window and see the sky dotted with endless bright lights. As my mother sang the rhyme with me even when I out grew the age of rhymes, these stars still hold my attention.

Many an evening was spend outside in the garden looking up at the night sky. The twinkling stars beckon and we often tried to find the constellations and stars and named a few we found different and special.

I forever look at the stars and feel so connected with my mother, wishing that she too is watching these stars like me.

An interest in the outdoors and a quest to learn have been inculcated in my mind by this simple nursery rhyme. The whole world is right before us and we can choose whatever we want to be.

Yes, indeed the wonder of the rhyme continues to make ask questions even today!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsY49ZZW9qE?list=PLhuEelKSHsFlCVah5WfxXH1AGRXKt1SHZ]

A favorite story to go with the rhyme is THE LION AND THE MOUSE. This story always made me realise that no one is big or small, all are equals.
We must not differentiate or favour anyone due to how they look or how big or small they are. How rich or poor they are? Just as looking at the stars made me wonder, reading about the small mouse made me understand the importance of equality and not undermining the underdog!
A perfect lesson for a child to know that the world is not equal for all of us but we can make a difference by treating everyone equally.
At my mother’s knee I learnt the essence of life, live and let live. Wonder, explore, embrace, love and live with freedom.
Freedom for me and freedom for you.
“What one loves in childhood stays in the heart forever.”
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9Qi6XWpnf8?list=PLhuEelKSHsFmMN7aiOI89XnGWspkLC7eY]

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