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Love surprises us when we least expect it and it has been the most endearing trait of love. This book, #TSOL ‘That Same Old Love’ celebrates love and shares how the path is littered with consequences. With just a ‘good time’ in mind Mahi and Samrat decide to be consenting adults and then love or rather #TSOL takes control leaving them wanting more, so much more. Such an apt name for the book, reflecting the heart of the story. I enjoyed all the parts of the story – the young love and the angst, the mature, settled love and the hot, passionate love that drove the story.

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With the title ‘That Same Old Love’ #TSOL her book is a dead giveaway for the kind of story we would be reading but the obvious just ends with the title. Yes, Author MV Kasi has penned an unorthodox and sizzling story for her readers. The story of two people who know each other and try to stay away but fate has other plans. #TSOL could  just have been another book about a couple with red hot chemistry and a lot of sex but the author has made it an exercise of discovery and loving oneself first in order to embrace love from others.

 If someone spews hate at you daily then it becomes your truth if you don’t fight it and the struggle is real for surviving one more day. The author has touched on the topic of marital abuse and the sad plight of so many young girls who go abroad with dreams in their eyes only to be glorified, unpaid maids. Mahi triumphs the odds, alienates herself and yet she shines through.

 The secondary characters add the spice, action and depth to the story. Family is a crucial part of the book. The attitude of Mahi’s family and the stand of Samrat’s mother help the love story culminate beautifully. Sidhu and Ananya help the past and present collide as the old grudges resurface. The book had a lot of masala, gossip and “what would people say” moments. Yet, they are well placed and reflect our society.

 Is the story of Mahi and she could be anyone of us. The life that we live today, the angst, the loneliness, the issues we face and the story of a woman who chooses to walk alone rather than toe the line is Mahi.  I did find that she got a raw deal and a lot of negative in her life as did Samrat a bit much. Sadly real life is such when just a single good break is tough to find. Their mutual sorrow was well written and brought them closer. I especially liked the way the author did not take sides or try compare the sorrow yet it was shared.




Samrat with his looks, presence, kindness and verve, he is the perfect foil to the impulsive, impetuous Mahi. He is sensitive, successful and sexy. Mahi with her motor-mouth and aggression finally finds her match as the sparks fly.

The sizzle content is high, the story fast-paced and unputdownable! M V Kasi has penned a perfect picture of our society, double standards and the quest for acceptance, freedom, respect and love.

Pick The Same Old Love to fall in love with Samrat and Mahi as they stand tall and stand strong with love.  

(I received a copy of the book from the author via The Book Club, this is my honest opinion.)




 M.V. Kasi


A former bad girl with a past…
Mahi had hit the rock-bottom. All she wanted to do now was to start over and lead an uncomplicated drama free life in her hometown, Hyderabad. But unfortunately, some people never forgive or forget, and hold on to their grudges for a very long time.

A former nerd who hates her and wants her gone…
Samrat, a highly successful entrepreneur was Mahi’s former classmate and current neighbor. Mahi had effectively ruined his higher educational prospects with her false allegations. She along with her similarly mean friends had also made his sister Ananya’s life miserable during their college days. And to make the matters even more complicated, Ananya is married to Mahi’s first love, Sidhu, whom Mahi had callously left behind to marry a person of her parent’s choice.

Watch the sparks fly…
When Mahi and Samrat butt heads at every turn, they are caught up in a fierce, but unwanted attraction that leads them into an exciting wild fling with no strings attached.
But what would happen when one of them is no longer happy with their arrangement, and begins to demand more, wanting everything…

#TSOL is a humorous, heartwarming, sexy story of redemption, friendship and love. 

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