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Encounters – Someone’s Always Waiting has five stories and when you finish the last one you want more, much more than what the author has shared. It is like a peek into the beautiful garden and you have just had a glimpse. Sumana writes and lays it all out for the reader to enjoy. The stories are simple enough with a hint of paranormal but to call them simple is to deceive the reader. I was not too keen to read this book fearing it to be horror but I am glad I picked it up on a friend’s recommendation.

Cover - Encounters

Encounters – Someone’s Always Waiting

Sumana spins everyday tales that remind us that nothing is normal and nothing is what it seems. A hidden layer with a surprise awaits us at each story. Suspenseful with a twist each story whets your appetite for more and they are all as different as can be. Even though all the stories are good, The Storyteller and Best Friends Forever really spoke to me. The stories have such a strong emotional element along with the drama and of course the paranormal that I felt I was a part of the stories.

“It caused a flare of most extraordinary hallucinations, changing the course of my life.”

First Love is about a forensic scientist and her first love. The mind-blowing mix of science and paranormal- two so divergent areas yet mixed effortlessly by the author.  Vrka with his calm demeanour pulled me in as I wanted to know more about him and Ratna was an unlikely catalyst. She accepts and embraces them making her stronger as the story unfolds. I like the fact that many stories covered a few decades as the characters changed with the story.

The Storyteller with its bittersweet tale and the enigmatic storyteller had me turning the pages quickly. I became engrossed in the lives within the story. It was touching and made me feel so powerless in the grand scheme of things.

Reminiscence was the smallest story of the book but that did not stop it from shining. Life is often lived in regret and yet there are times when even the regret is too late. I was so involved in the lives of Raghavan and Radha that I too felt the silent echoes of ‘what if’..

Happiness Clinic read like the ramblings of a grumpy man but the power of mind – good or bad is what guides us was what it actually was conveying. A second look, a bit of introspection and a bag full of love can indeed brighten up any day.

Best Friends Forever with its strong story and even stronger narration gave me goose bumps and I could not stop reading it. For me it was the best story of the book, I shed a silent tear for Alice . The words, descriptions and the conversations of the story so hauntingly real. A masterpiece indeed.

“I saw her then. Alice. Her face so angelic, so afraid and lonely. She let go.”


(I received a copy of the book from Cinnamon Teal Publishing via The Book Club the review is my honest opinion.)



Encounters – Someone’s Always Waiting by Sumana Khan
Encounters – Someone’s Always Waiting by Sumana Khan



Someone’s Always Waiting

Sumana Khan

ENCOUNTERS is a potpourri of five sumptuous stories involving a motley crew of protagonists. Skating along the borders of fantasy and paranormal themes, the stories track incredible and poignant journeys of self-discovery, tracing the cathartic aftermath of fleeting encounters.
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Sumana was born and raised in Bengaluru, Karnataka, where she went on to graduate with a BSc in Electronics, much to the surprise of her teachers, and relief of her parents. In what can only be described as a quirk of fate, she ended up as an IT consultant – a role she essayed for more than a decade. She then moved to the UK where she quit her job and pursued academic and literary interests. The result of this pursuit has been two Masters, one published book, quite a few manuscript drafts, and above all, being stone-broke perpetually.She currently lives in the UK with her husband and several books.

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  1. Vidya Sury

    Sumana is a fantastic writer. This book looks interesting, too, Indu. I’ve read a lot of great reviews about this book! Thanks for sharing your views. 🙂

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  3. Lata Sunil

    Ever since I read Sumana Khan’s short story on your blog, I want to read her book. Its on my TBR.

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