Bridge The World With Love – ONLY WHEAT NOT WHITE by Varsha Dixit

Eila, an unsual name for an unusual girl! This is a story that delighted me and I read it straight through the night. The need to know how it all turns out; does Sheela manage to keep her family together? Do her parents forgive the elder sister or is the younger one also painted with the same colors? How long can a man wait for a lady to decide that does she love him or not? Is there any love for her at all or is it all lost along the way? 

This novel throws up a delightful mix of issues and questions that I felt drawn to the story. My sympathies were with Brett Wright, poor guy! He did not know what hit him!! Eila managed to bang into him time and again and he just could not get over her.

Eila , the smart, beautiful, and vivacious. I loved the clothes she wore and was a sight for sore eyes. Subtle and sexy, slowly making inroads into the hearts of everyone. She was also a good friend, a hard worker and totally devoted to her loved ones. She made me realize I would have loved to have a sister like her. Even though she was the younger one but she tried to keep it all together and even felt guilty for her own happiness!! Almost like a saint but not quite!

The title of the novel is very apt, it highlights the fact that prejudice is not just for ‘white’ skin but also for our own kind. Looking down upon anyone who is not ‘like us’. Being biased and selective permeates in all sections of our society. It is not just the illiterate or uneducated folks, but from all walks of life who condemn their family and children to unhappiness due to their egos.

Eila comes out the winner here; she helps her friend, Megan with Murli. Her boss, Randall and her new boss Brett. That she finds love along the way is the icing on the cake. When she takes up the challenge to cook with Mrs Das and how it all turns out had me grinning from ear to ear. Just loved the tension, surprise and the super hot chemistry Varsha has created in her book!!

This book also explores the dynamics of NRI love and inter-cultural love. Quite relevant in our lives today. The story explores all angles and effects of falling in love with someone who is different from us. After all in India, you marry into the whole family!!

The insecurity of Eila and her behaving like a martyr for everyone got to me. For a smart girl she was silly sometimes. Also I wanted to know more about Brett, read what he was thinking – his actions were obvious but still his thoughts would have been hotter!

Also some closure with the parents would have been nice; I felt more could have been said about them considering they were the main reason for Eila joining her sister.

Sheela and her husband Steve make a cute couple and I loved the fact that all the characters in the story had flaws and very so human. No perfection but real people. I could almost see a friend of mine in Sheela and even Murli. I think I have definitely met him!!

Did I mention the language is really good, crisp, fresh, youth-full and mirrors the characters thoughts so well? A book that bridges the world with love, a story that simplifies the tough decisions of life and a good wholesome romance to top it all off!!

A must read for a superb weekend – if you read that slow!!

(I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange of my unbiased review.)


What if the one you completely love is the one you simply can’t! Twenty-six-year-old Eila Sood moves to America to mend fences with her estranged older sister, Sheela. Eila and the rest of the family in India had cut off ties with Sheela after she married Steve Jacobs, ‘out of caste, and out of color’. Elia soon realizes that Sheela’s marriage is on the rocks. To help pay Sheela’s household bills, Eila takes a second job at an afternoon strip club. When she crosses paths with the owner, the handsome Brett Wright or ‘blue-eyed ogre’ as Elia calls him, he both infuriates and fascinates her. Brett turns out to be her reluctant and unquestionably sarcastic knight in shining armor. As Eila and Brett spend more time together their desire for each other builds. However, when Brett discovers the true reason for Eila’s refusal he storms out of her life, accusing her of being a prejudiced coward. Will Eila find the courage to break stereotypes and embrace her love? Will Brett find solace in the arms of his ex-girlfriend Cate? Will Sheela and Steve divorce? All of these questions and more are answered in Varsha Dixit’s latest and humorous and steamy love story.


I’m the author of four books and the genre that I write is contemporary romance. Penning stories defines and completes me. I think of myself as a borderline obsessive-compulsive dreamer who thinks deep but writes light. A true ‘feel good’ junkie seeking quick fixes, I love a good laugh and a good book. A voracious reader of who dunit mysteries and legal dramas, I did sit down to pen a book on serial killers but finding it impossible to maim or kill anyone, even on paper, I penned a romantic story instead. Thus, I found my true calling – at least for the time being. Even though creativity is gender free, I feel blessed and enriched to be a woman.
Currently, with my family, I’m settled in the US.



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