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The idyllic days of summer, the endless hours on our sides and so many plans that we made.

Just as another summer rolls around I feel sad as I think of all those lazy, loving, long days we had spent so many years ago.

Where has the time sped away, it flies as I try to hold on?

Faster and faster as I find myself busy  and busier.

Busy with life, busy with work.

Busy sometimes since I am and making myself busy coz I have so much time.

Where am I struck, where are you stuck?

Why do we not find the time to just relax?

I yearn for those moments that seemed endless, filled with you love and care.

Those lovely, simple days filled with your presence.

I am a grown up but I miss myself, I go looking for her trying to reminisce.

More than myself I look for you, I feel the absence so much more when I sense you in myself.

Is this what I miss?

What have I become?

Is this what I want to feel as I try to find you within me?

You are here, you are near, never so far yet so far.

Distance is of the mind, never of the heart yet this distance seems endless, you so far.

I miss you, I miss our chats, the nonsensical chatter.

The inconsequential banter and long different, difficult discussions.

Yes, I miss you.

So near yet so far.

Time is mercurial, it is just slipping away.

I can feel it just running away.

I see you and yet I miss you.

We are not the same yet I feel the same.

I miss the safe snuggle that always cheered me up.

I miss you just for me and just for you.

I miss you for just the way we were when we never missed each other.

I miss you.

I just miss you.

I just think of you and then I don’t miss you so much.

I love you, just love you.

All my love, always.

Happy Birthday, Mom!



Today, May 11 is my mother’s birthday and this is my message of love for her.





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  2. Lata Sunil

    This is so beautiful. And I loved your mom’s message too. Pls convey my birthday wishes to her.

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  3. My Era

    What a very beautiful way to express your heart felt feelings on your mom’s birthday.
    Please pass on my regards to her on this beautiful day.
    Loved the line “The inconsequential banter and long different, difficult discussions.”

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  4. Diljeetkaur

    I am blessed to have a awesome daughter like you.poem is so close to my heart it brings tears of joy and longing to be more near to you.Life and responsibilities and stress time flies.Godbless you. Bestestbirthdaygift.love you.Feel proud to be your mom.

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    2. Parul Thakur

      Belated birthday wishes Aunty! Inderpreet had written such lovely words that they touched my heart. As we grow older, our ways of expressing love changes but the love is the same. The feeling is the same.

      Inderpreet – Lovely tribute to your Mum. 🙂

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