EARTHY ROMANCE : The Indian Tycoon’s Marriage Deal by Adite Banerjie

The Indian Tycoon's Marriage Deal




My rating: 4 of 5 stars
A suave tycoon, who exudes power, makes you go weak in the knees and dances like a pro! What more could a girl ask for? Krish Dev a true blue Harlequin Hero personified!
Maya is beautiful, intelligent and knows her mind – a handful for any guy! Well for starters Maya wants revenge and as she falls in line with Krish‘s plan she is left wanting the real deal – true love. The story flows at a steady pace and keeps the chain of events unfolding and keeps you guessing for the next sizzle.
The novel has all the perfect ingredients to delight the readers and lovers of romance. The plus point of the story is being set in India; Adite has done full justice to describing the stunning natural beauty of India. She does it beautifully whether the bustling capital city or the smaller towns.
Nothing beats reading about romance set in our own county; I had been dreaming about having an Indian hero romancing a lady in my own city and she has managed to write it exquisitely.
The conflict, the intimacy, and the passion are expressed simply and it meshes with the storyline. Two strong and self-made characters find love but not without a few twists and turns! The author sure knows how to keep the reader hooked!!
Adite has since had the release of her second novel “Trouble Has A New Name” by Mills & Boon and I look forward to reading the next one. She is slowly but surely making a place in the hearts of romance lovers who will wait for the release of her next book.


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