FEAR THE KNOWN………#WriteTribeBlogCarnival

What would I do if I wasn’t afraid?

Fear the known, not the unknown as it is what stops us from achieving our desires and potential.

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Deep in our hearts we all know what we desire, we feel the pull and wish to claim it as ours. What we hesitate is to execute it. Today I share with you a dear friend of mine and her story. She is an avid writer and a lady who wears many hats. 

Mamta Pandit has inspired me to write this post, she is a newbie blogger and need all the encouragement we all can give her. She is a writer by passion and a poet by creativity, often her one liners and quotes make me delve into their deeper meaning. 

Her face book page is is full of lyrical and deep meaning poetry. Writing is not new to her, it is just that life got too busy after a kid and she hesitated to take the plunge. Well she has done it now and hopes to keep updating it regularly.
Another reason for her hesitation was that she writes Hindi Poetry; she was worried she would not have many readers. I am sure we all will prove her wrong. 
I am glad I pushed her to overcome her fears – she is happier and content, which is super cool considering she is a new mom 😉

Write Tribe

Since I am the one participating in the Blog Carnival, I need to mention my own fear.

The one thing I would do if I did not fear failure was to be more open and forthcoming……..

I am not sure what I fear most, I think it might be falling short in the eyes of the ones I care about.

So I stick to the routine stuff, follow the mundane and do the regular things. The one that an ideal girl, lady, woman, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister or mother should do.

No, there is nothing bad in fulfilling the expectations of others but sometimes you feel you wanna live for the thrill and enjoy your today.

What is it I want to do?

The Theater – act in a play; 
Walk the Ramp for a Fashion Week, 
May be even do a Saas- Bahu Serial,
Live in a Forest,
Bungee Jumping,
White Water Rafting,
Sky Diving,
Getting fit enough to run a Marathon,
and maybe get some heads turning.

I might still do most of them and hopefully before I hit 50!

I know we might not do many of the things that are fear forbids us from doing but we must spend our live searching for that moment when we can break free!

This post is a part of THE WRITE TRIBE BLOG CARNIVAL. You too can join us and participate.

Do share your views, opinions and comments, I would love to hear your view point.

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