Thank you!!
I am amazed, humbled and a little worried due to the expectations that come along with accolades. Initially I could not believe my eyes; I had been nominated for another blog award! 
If you are doing something with your heart in it then you are giving it your 100 %. It is a great feeling to know that your fellow bloggers are sharing their appreciation with their friends and fellow bloggers. The special thing about it is that it is a readers award is that it comes from a blogger who blogs about things close to her heart and like me shares her words not just of mind but with love too.
As you will hop over to Marci Koski’s Blog Fuzzy Undertones ; you will know the sweet yet determined lady that she is. A very kind yet determined blogger who takes great pride in her work; she is a strong woman and many of you will remember that I had blogged about women during my A to Z challenge and that is how I connected with Marci.

She has so much kindness and cheer to share with us that it is a pleasure to read her blog. And she loves Cats!! 

She just has such nice things to say that I had to share her mail to me and the post with you all. Her love, kindness and courtesy shines through.
This Award that Marci has bestowed got me thinking about a perfect way to respect her faith in me and sharing her writing and blogging with my fellow bloggers.

All I can say is thank you for choosing me Marci but as is the rule of my blog I do not accept blog awards but only the love that comes along. I am so glad we found each other and hope to keep visiting. Thank you for your love and I cherish it.

As a step to grow with my blog I am starting a new initiative of ‘GUEST POSTS’. I know it is nothing new in the blogging world but it is a new initiative for me and my blog. It is a step in the direction of sharing ideas and views of people whose writing I admire and those who I feel have something we need to hear. I plan to share many more awesome writers and authors in the coming weeks and months ahead! Stay tuned.
I shall be asking many of my friends in the forthcoming weeks for honoring my blog with their guest posts and I hope that Marci agrees to do at least one post for all of us.
Since I do not accept blog awards I shall be requesting my fellow bloggers Jayanta Tiwari and Ananya Kiran   who had earlier bestowed me with Blog Awards to also grace my blog with their presence and share their words with us. A simple heartfelt request from my side.
Thank you once again for all the love, comments, shares, tweets and lots more.
Keep writing.


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