Do You Hug Daily?

Our children are the most important gems in our lives and what better than to share our own tips and trick, lessons and learning with our children.
I recently joined this website to contribute articles and it is called   “World Of Moms” 
The website is dedicated to mothers and children and everything in between!
For my post I wrote about the importance of Hugging your child as much as possible and why you should encourage it.

Our children need our understanding, respect and love to grow up as well rounded individuals. As Indians we are not big on PDA; public display of affection. Yes, we are demonstrative and rarely do anything quietly but talk of showing our love we either go deathly quiet or fly into a murderous rage!!

Where does this leave out children? If we can guide our children with love then nothing is difficult. So where does PDA stand in India? Well, definitely not very high up in our list but how to show our love, make sure our kids feel it and get some back without flinching and raising eyebrows? Giving hugs and reminding our kids that a single hug or “Jadu Ki Jhappi” can fix a lot!

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