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I may be living in the most happening town of India but being a mother means I cannot always attend and contribute to the amazing literary events taking place in the city. With Litfest taking place all over the place these past few weeks I was quite disappointed not attending any of them. As a book lover that is such a bummer for me but not to dwell on it since last week I got one such opportunity. When I spotted an event on Facebook that was taking place quite close to my city I decided I had to attend especially since it was on a school day and in the morning! No better time for mothers who love to read!! Crazy Reading had planned an event in Gurgaon and an author interaction at that, I wanted in.

I quickly messaged to the organizers and got a prompt reply with all the details and here I am with the insights into all the fun and interaction with Author Shikha Kumar, where I not only met the author but also had a very fruitful and motivating discussion with her. What is better for a writer than being told by a published author that ‘keep writing ‘is the mantra, especially when it is my own too!

The event was held at Chayoos outlet and over steaming cups of perfectly brewed tea the author discussed her writing, books and importance of getting the right publisher. Shikha is a full time professional and has just published her second book “Logically Stupid, That’s Love ” launched this year.

Her first book, He Fixed The Match, She Fixed Him is soon to be made into a motion picture. Shikha writes about romance in daily life, how to fit love and romance into our busy everyday life. Her books are plots based on “What if?” how would the protagonists react I they found themselves in a specific situation. How they get out of it and find and embrace love as well.

She had researched a lot for her first book as she had not seen Mumbai at all and finds research the cornerstone of a good book. One needs to get the facts right. For aspiring writers Shikha advises to keep an eye on the word count to ensure a tight narration to keep the momentum going.

“You can be anything with passion.” Were the final words before the meeting was wrapped up. I am sure these words will resonate will all readers and writers. Passion is the key.

Update: I have already read the first book by Shikha and I have only good things to say. Stay tuned for the review. (Could not resist finishing when I had just opened the book for a peek, Yeah! I know my schedule went even more crazy.) 

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