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Listening to #ChasingTheButterfly AudioBook I got a good glimpse into the French countryside, the vineyards and Paris. As I heard Chasing The Butterfly I enjoyed the book a bit differently as this is the first audio book I heard. Ella is a sweet, talented young girl, an artist, an excellent painter who faces the loss of her mother while quite young. She does not understand the reason her mother has walked out leaving their family. Heartbroken, she put her heart and soul into her paintings. As she grows into a kind, genteel lady her art is discovered making her work much sought after.

The story is her journey as she learns to overcome the disappointment and lies. She finds love when she least expects it and overcomes heartbreak.  The story is of faith in God and oneself.

This is the first audio book I listened to and I have a mixed reaction to it. First the good things – I liked the book. I liked the story and the way it progresses. The narrator kept the flow going and ensured each character had a distinct voice making it easy to follow. The thing I disliked was the French accent – it was good in most places but sometimes it became so heavy that I had a tough time understanding what the characters were saying especially the men.

Though I did not read the book even though I had it but I was tempted to. I heard the book over a few weeks and in spite of the breaks, the audio immediately got me back to the book just like reading.

The story is a well paced and more than a love story, it is a tale of faith, family and of love that endures. The father-daughter relationship is beautifully explored as is the love of God that binds them. He may be invisible but if you have faith all things are possible. The love she finds and how Andre supports her makes for a heartwarming read. I have been reading quite a few books of #ChrisFic and I find the way authors link the story and its twists and upheavals to god’s handiwork quite a change to read.

The book has depth, a strong storyline and lots of beauty.  The beautiful paintings, the emotions and finally the faith that unites against greed and conniving makes for a peaceful read. It was just so calming to read this book. This could be a true story based during the World War II it reflects the fears, angst and sad war casualties. The book is a very realistic representation of that time. Yet it also brings out the goodness and charm of those times – when neighbours looked out for each other and your word meant everything.

Chasing The Butterfly is a word to read or heard to savour and enjoy at leisure as the author paints with her words and not just the paintings that Ella does.

(I received an audiobook from  Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, the review is my own unbiased opinion.)

Chasing The Butterfly_Cover

Chasing The Butterfly

From a vineyard in the south of France to the sophisticated city of Paris, Ella Moreau searches for the hope and love she lost as a young girl when her mother abandoned the family. Ella’s journey is portrayed through a heartbroken child, a young woman’s struggles during the tumultuous times surrounding World War II, and as a reflective adult.

Through a series of secret paintings, her art becomes the substitute for lost love —the metaphor of her life. But when her paintings are discovered, the intentions of those she loves are revealed.


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