Chant Away The Sing Along Construction Song : Book Review

About the Book

Title: Sing-Along Construction Song | 

Author: Louise Lintvelt |

Illustrator: Julie Sneedon |

Publication Date:August 11, 2014 

Publisher: Independent | 

Pages: 32 

Recommended Ages: 1 to 5

** This book features vivid illustrations and kindle pop-up 

** A free song download for this book is available 

A fun sing-along book for little construction enthusiasts.  Visit the 
construction site early in the morning and join the rough and tough 
construction vehicles, as they go about their daily work.

My Book Review :
The Sing Along Construction Song is a book that is easily loved by the toddlers and their parents. The book, the story, the pictures, the rhymes, the machines and the work they are doing all come together in a story that is a favourite of all those who read it.
The pop up adds a nice touch to the book and makes it more fun for the little reader. The song and the rhymes are very catchy and my 5 year old caught along and sang with me in just 2 readings. And we have been reading and singing it since.
The machines are actually working and the illustrations are so life like, the dirt looks real enough to mop away! The action oriented theme of the book as well as the fact that work starts early in the morning add to the positives of the book, ensuring good habits and good stories go together.
Pick this one and let us get working and singing too!

The Early Buzz About the Book

“This may very well be the most beautiful construction book on 
the market – definitely the best I’ve ever seen on the subject.  
Sing-Along Construction Song has gorgeous watercolor 
illustrations and the rhymes are quite obviously very well 
thought out. This book makes the PERFECT read-aloud for an 
all-age group and isn’t just a “boy book”. ~ 5 Star Review, 
Jenny, Amazon

About the Author: Louise Lintvelt

Louise LintveltI am from South Africa and I live in a city called 
Pretoria. I am a Chemical Engineer by day and a 
children’s book writer by night. I am married to 
wonderful man and we have a beautiful two 
year old daughter called Allegra. I love writing 
stories for my daughter, who is a constant 

I have always loved reading. My childhood was filled with books 
and you would often find me crouched the corner of my room 
devouring the pages of my favourite book. I lived for Tuesday 
mornings as this would bring with it the excitement of a trip to the 
local library for story hour and the opportunity to take home a new 
book. I was the local librarian’s worst nightmare. I would arrive a 
few minutes early to check that she had not mistakenly chosen a 
book that had already been read in story hour.

I was a very bossy three year old with an insatiable appetite for 
books! This has not really changed much in the last twenty seven 
years. Dr. Seuss was my absolute favourite and to say that my 
copy of One, Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish was well read 
would be an understatement.

When it comes to writing, my daughter is my biggest inspiration. I 
love seeing her face light up with excitement when we sit down to 
read a book before bedtime. My daughter was fascinated by 
giraffes after we went on a safari trip in late 2012. This planted the 
seed for my picture book called How Andrew Got His Spots which
 is a rhyming adaptation of a story I originally wrote in the third 
grade. My daughter has since grown into a healthy two year old 
with a passion for aircraft which was the inspiration for 
writing Goodnight, Sleep Tight, What a Wonderful Flight.

I am sure that there are many parents in the world (myself 
included), who are quite decidedly sick and tired of reading the 
same favourite picture book night after night. I believe that the 
words of Oscar Wilde best describe how children should feel about 
picture books when he said, If one cannot enjoy reading a book 
over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.

Happy Reading!

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