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How to Make and Publish a Children’s Picture Book: How I created and promoted my picture book series by Werner Stejskal

How I create and promote my own picture book series –
This booklet is all about my experiences on the long journey of publishing my picture book series and becoming a best-selling author on Amazon. It is not about how to write your story but how to get it ready and publish it.


This book is a simple, straightforward book that explains how the author found his inspiration and direction to write a children’s’ book and how he went about getting all the stories in place. Werner Stejskal is the author of the series Oliver and Jumpy, who get into a lot of different adventures. I have read and enjoyed many of the books in the series so I eagerly read this one for insights into his books.

This book has a simple, clear language and direction for its readers. The serial order from start to finish about the tasks required at each step of ebook publishing, especially a picture book.

It starts with a bit of a background of what he did when he started writing, the things he liked and some of the clichés’ he avoided. The language he has used and how he used the feedback he got for improving his books. His books are self-published and he feels that is the future of books.

I felt that the book could be in more clear sections and have smaller paragraphs and sub points for more clarity. It reads like an essay in few places. A few more details about the sizes, fonts and book specifications would help get more details as would mentioning the open sources/ web searches he has used for his books.

He outsourced jobs for the book helping him finish the tasks he was not good at. Hiring illustrators, keeping the work consistent and maintain a steady flow of the stories and pictures and how he managed it all form a part of this guide book.

The different apps he has used to drive traffic to his site and how he created the book, the page setting, text and image placement and colors of the pictures. The importance of editing and grammar of the book and how  he did it as they are crucial  for any book. How he set the book for different devices and settings is also explained. Getting reviews for a published book is another issue he has covered briefly. He has another book for getting book reviews that

Getting reviews for a published book is another issue he has covered briefly. He has another book for getting book reviews that goes into the detailed process. How to find Book reviewers?

What is needed for selling the books across platforms, like Kobo, Amazon, Google Play etc and their requirements is well handled in the booklet. It is like a guide book but with tips and tricks thrown in. Publishing a physical book, the specification and the issues he faced give valuable tips for a writer of children’s books.

Promotion and highlighting the book is explained in another section and where are the right places to invest and get results within Amazon too. He finishes the book with a list of important points which is helpful. After reading this book even I think I know quite a bit about picture books as I considered the points Werner has emphasized.

This is a small booklet, not a full book as mentioned in The blurb, still it has some solid advice for its readers and is a quick guide for you if you wish to write a picture book for children.

[© I got a copy of this book from Amazon.com this is my honest review.]



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