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We have all read them, heard of them and a few of us are even paid for them. All of us would love to do it too but to get it right is another ball game altogether! I am talking about guest posts for a blog or a website.

GUEST POST for a fellow blogger is a supportive and mutually beneficial action for all bloggers. If you are lucky you would have friends who are not only good bloggers but popular too.

The opportunity to share a guest post not only provides you and your blog with more exposure and backlinks but build a good rapport with your fellow bloggers. (Read why?) 

There are however a few guidelines one must follow to ensure the entire process of guest blogging is smooth, error-free and a positive experience for all parties. 

Here are a few basic points to be kept in mind while guest posting on a blog or if you have a guest on your blog:-   

1.      Use Email To Initiate GP Request. You should request the blogger via email and not a casual comment on the blog or pm. Praising and suggesting the idea in a casual way is fine and It works either way but having a record of emails to check back in case of doubts and delays is always better. 

2.      Give Adequate Time For Response. The blogger you requested might be quite busy or just occupied with real life. Patience is a virtue and more so in Blogging. 

3.      Be Open To Discussion. Taking advice and ideas as well as following them from fellow bloggers is a wise choice. They have a less biased view of your work. Take any changes suggested for the guest post, positively. 

4.      Set A Time Frame.  The guest post you have planned should have a fixed time frame within which you and your fellow blogger must do a post on each other’s blog. The posts should not be too far apart from each other so the effect is double than a single post on one blog. 

5.      Follow A Schedule. Plan out the dates on which you wish to guest post and try your best to maintain the schedule. Even I am guilty of totally messing this up. 

6.      Be Prompt. If you promise something to make sure you deliver it and if possible a little extra. The post, the pictures, the content should be the best you can write and present. Understand the requirements of the guest post and work accordingly. 

7.      Publish A Link Post On Your Blog. As soon as you get the green signal that your post is being published, do link post on your own blog. The purpose is to inform your regular readers that you have written a guest post and where to find it. More exposure too! 

8.      Share, Comment And Grow Together. The importance of sharing and commenting cannot be emphasised in the blogging world. It is equally important for a guest post. Do reply to all the comments and visit blogs of people who visit your post and share it. It is good manners, leaves a good impression and helps grow your network. 

9.      Always Share Blog Links In The Guest Post.  The purpose of a guest post is defeated if the blogger does not have a link/s to their own blog. Ensure that the sharing buttons are working on the blog. It works both ways, whether in a guest post or a link post. Do remember to link to FB, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest etc networks of the author. More the merrier!


If you would like to guest post on my blog, drop me a line at indywrites8 at gmail dot com


Post updated on 20/09/19 originally published on May 24, 2016.

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